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Crisis recovery and scenario planning

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Governments, companies, all manner of organizations have now had the opportunity to learn a great deal about their ability to spring into action and respond to the novel pressures of a serious pandemic. Reflecting on this experience, how would you rate your own crisis preparedness and that of your organization? What tools have you used? And what would you do differently in the future? At this event we will discuss the theory and practice of scenario planning, one of the more common tools for crisis preparation and recovery. For an up-to-date introduction to the topic, you may like to read the article by J Peter Scolic, "Learning from the future" (https://hbr.org/2020/07/emerging-from-the-crisis#learning-from-the-future).

High stakes negotiations: Thinking outside the box

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Most of the time, in routine situations, simply knowing our best alternative to a negotiated agreement is a good enough guide for getting what we want or need from a business partner or situation. When the stakes are higher, however, a more sustained effort to explore possibilities, and to redefine and re-frame the elements of a deal, can be the path to a superior win-win solution. What is your current negotiation style? How important is the threat to walk away in getting what you want? How do you think about your counterparts and their constituencies? How do you define the scope of the deal you are seeking, the nature of your leverage, the timing and sequencing of your negotiations? At this event we will explore how giving serious consideration to all the elements of a deal can helps us move towards more collaborative and profitable, long-term agreements. For introduction, please read the new article "What’s your negotiation strategy?", by Jonathan Hughes and Danny Ertel, available here: https://hbr.org/2020/07/whats-your-negotiation-strategy.

From the ground up: Bringing our full humanity to work

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Companies, organisations evolve to bring together the efforts of many individuals. A thicket of rules, regulations and procedures emerge and are codified, to ensure stability and predictability. And there is a great deal to gain in terms of efficiency and productivity from this aggregation. But of course, many questions also remain. What is the price for the individual caught in this massive collective effort? How much is s/he allowed to contribute? And to what extent the discipline of being a cog in the machine has to prevail? Moreover, who knows what is the best way to organise the execution of a task? Those who carry it out? Or the managers who have the bigger picture? At this event we will discuss the tension between individual and organisation with the help of some case studies of how, starting from the ground up, it has been possible to allow employees to make fuller contributions, to bring more of their skill set, and humanity, to work. For an introduction, please read the new article by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini, "Harnessing everyday genius", available here: https://hbr.org/2020/07/harnessing-everyday-genius.

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[Online] Follow your passion, build for the future

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