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6-Pound Camera Kits - Shooting At the Top of the World - Holiday Gift Exchange
There are three parts to this meetup: ...CAMERA discussions and demonstrations. ...PLACES to shoot to take unique and noteworthy photos. ...A SOCIAL activity built around photography or travel. Here's a thumbnail description of this meetup. Go to the "December 2018 Happenings" on my blog,, and brief descriptions of the activities will appear along with photos. ...The CAMERA discussion describes a six-pound camera kit that is all you need to take to photographs anywhere in the world. You're invited to provide alternative and discuss needs I haven't thought of. ...The PLACES discusses photo opprtunities the you probably haven't thought of: * A summer photo cruise up the Norwegian Coast on a ship that's ranked 13th in the world in terms of its service, cuisine, staterooms and destinations. * A fall photo safari to Lapland in Finland, where you'll have unparalleled opportunities to shoot the Northern Lights, play with sled dogs, take rides on sleds pulled by reindeer, and spend a few days in Helsinki. * A holiday gift exchange which offers you to exchange your unused camera gear for those of your fellow meetup members. The exchanges are done sight-unseen, but regifting and trading is encouraged. If you want to participate, bring to the meeting at least one piece of gear that's wrapped, in great condition, sells for more than $50 new, and likely to be desired by other meetup group members.

Artlife Gallery

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There's a natural fit between a photography and a travel photography meetup group. Travel photography is a part of almost every photographer's favorite activities, and travel photographers want to be involved in shooting activities when they're not on the road. Hence an expanded set of activities for both groups.

Tony Maestro has given up the management of The Los Angeles Photography Group and I've been invited to step in as the new coordinator; which would be in addition to my managing the Westside Travel Photography Meetup Group that is FREE and meets monthly at the Artlife Photo Gallery in El Segundo Plaza.

The focus (pun intended) of the Westside Travel Meetup Group has been: Finding the best photo gear to use when traveling; Identifying the best photo opportunities at selected destinations; and Learning about the best ways of getting there. If we merge the activities of the groups together, I'd propose to add local photo shoots with a travel theme, and adding activities related to models and stylists, to the agenda. Thus in addition to this week's activities relating to shooting in Japan, be could also schedule an evening street shoot in the one of the Little Tokyo's in Los Angeles, and we could schedule a shoot involving models, Japanese gardens and Japanese cuisine.

We invite you to come to the Westside Travel Photography Meetup scheduled for 10 am this Saturday at the Artlife Gallery. The topics of this meeting are "Shooting in Japan" and "Why You Shouldn't Use a Smartphone As Your ONLY Camera". Please upload some photos related to these topics to the gallery on our website, and also bring your best photos on an SD card so that we can display them for the group. Or, do things the old fashioned way by passing enlargements around.

Also, we will set time aside to discuss merging the groups' activities. If you have any further ideas about how the groups can work together (or remain separate) please post them below. To learn something about me, please go to my profile.

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