What we're about

The purpose of this group is to discover, explore and understand the natural resources existing in an urban environment.

During the weekend I teach classes in what I call "Urban Outdoor Skills" and once a month, I take people on a donation-based hike/meeting to explore the city wilderness where we learn about wild edible food, the various uses of plants (medicinal, aromatic, etc...) and how to use nature to become more self-reliant. The hike/Meeting is very informal - we have a mix of experts and novices, this is just a time where we are all students, we just share knowledge about plants and their uses, tips about outdoor skills (such as water purification, tracking, etc...) and self-reliance.

At the end of the hike/meeting, depending on the season, we often create a meal using the plants we collected or sometimes I bring some gourmet food I previously cooked using wild edible plants. Members are welcome to bring their own creation (food or other things).

You are invited to visit my web site for more information:


Who should join?

Anyone interested in finding more about wild edible food.

Anyone interested in a more natural self reliance.

Anyone interested in nature.

Anyone interested in preparedness/survival/self-reliance in an urban environment.

Hikers, vegetarians, etc...

The group operate on a non-discriminatory basis. The group is open to anyone regardless of race, religion, gender, age, etc...

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