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Remove Ivy & lamium at Ladner Harbour Park

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This event is on rain or shine!

For fun, we're going to DRESS UP in 80s style for this event.

This is our 100th event! Feel free to bring some goodies to share if you'd like

Meeting Spot

We are meeting at the parking lot at the end of the unnamed street off Mcneely's Way (which starts off River Rd.).

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Getting yourself there

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Meet at 9.45am (please don't be late) Sign-in Walk to site. Note: if you are late follow a sign with an arrow English Ivy and lamium removal and planting from 10am - 1pm(with breaks and refreshments) At 1pm, for those interested, we'll explore the park and have our packed lunches until around 2pm. What to bring

Your rain jacket in case it is raining. Don't let the rain scare you off, our events are still fun in the rain! If it's sunny, bring a hat and sunscreen Gardening gloves if you have them (otherwise they'll be provided for you) Ideal footwear: waterproof hiking boots, sturdy outdoor shoes, rubber boots. No open toe shoes, heels or fashionable shoes/boots Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty Long sleeves and long pants are ideal (this will help reduce scratches from thorny plants that you may brush up against) Water (to bring with you to the work site) - Please don't forget this If you are sticking around at 1pm for the walk, bring a packed lunch. What will be provided for you

Gloves, tools and equipment. If you have your own gardening gloves, please bring them. Snacks for the break Instruction - the Corporation of Delta will give you the run down about the work we will be doing (you don't need to have experience to participate). There will be a safety talk and an orientation of the site There is a washroom at this park A volunteer letter emailed to you after the event to confirm your hours if you need it About English Ivy and Lamium

Both English Ivy and Lamium are invasive plants and threaten native plants and trees.

To learn more about English Ivy please click -->HERE (

To learn more about Lamium please click --> HERE (

About Ladner Harbour Park

The main features include trails, washrooms, picnic area, kids' play equipment plus excellent views of the boat and marine traffic in the Fraser River. The Swenson walk is a great trail in the park that takes you in a southerly direction to a wildlife viewpoint along the Fraser delta. There is also a good walk starting at the north end of the park that takes you through the South Arm Marshes Wildlife Area, where you might see loons, Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Hawks, minks, raccoons and seals


The Corporation of Delta (


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