What we're about

Like books and book discussion? Like food and drink? Like meeting new and interesting people? This club is for you!

We'll discuss the book of the month over a glass of wine and a bite to eat at one of the several lovely (and often reasonably priced) restaurants in and around Luton – a different venue each month!

Books will be voted for two months in advance from a short-list of nominations by members. Feel free to suggest from any genre of literature – no specific restrictions, if you feel it's worth a discussion then nominate it. Please only nominate books that have been published in paperback.

Please ensure that your profile picture is recognisable, so that we can easily find each other when you attend your first meetup.

The group is limited to 50 members, for cost reasons, so the oldest inactive member will be removed every time a new member joins.

Please only RSVP to an event if you're definitely coming, as we use the numbers to book a table at the restaurant. If you RSVP and subsequently can't make it, please change your RSVP or let us know and we'll do it.

Newcomers are the most important people at any meeting, so if it's your first time, don't worry, you'll be made most welcome.

Join us for lively discussion, a bit of food and drink, and lots of new friends!

Upcoming events (1)

Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman

Los Reyes Tapas Restaurant

Lying in front of Harrison Opoku is a body, the body of one of his classmates, a boy known for his crazy basketball skills, who seems to have been murdered for his dinner. Armed with a pair of camouflage binoculars and detective techniques absorbed from television shows like CSI, Harri and his best friend, Dean, plot to bring the perpetrator to justice. They gather evidence—fingerprints lifted from windows with tape, a wallet stained with blood—and lay traps to flush out the murderer. But nothing can prepare them for what happens when a criminal feels you closing in on him. Recently emigrated from Ghana with his sister and mother to London’s enormous housing projects, Harri is pure curiosity and ebullience—obsessed with gummy candy, a friend to the pigeon who visits his balcony, quite possibly the fastest runner in his school, and clearly also fast on the trail of a murderer. Told in Harri's infectious voice and multicultural slang, Pigeon English follows in the tradition of our great novels of friendship and adventure, as Harri finds wonder, mystery, and danger in his new, ever-expanding world.

Past events (49)

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

La Dolce Vita Luton

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