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Consciential Therapy Sessions
Therapeutic Sessions Get Individualized Attention and Develop Yourself Limited Spaces Registration for Consciential Therapy is now open. Each Conscientiotherapy Session is 50 minutes long. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of your appointment. The privacy and confidentiality of the content of the sessions will be absolutely respected. Email us for more information or to schedule an appointment. We recommend 3 – 5 sessions total to get the most of the program. However 1 single session is available. See single and package pricing options below. Click Here for Available Sessions in Florida and Online January 7 – 12, 2017 Once you register, contact [masked] or[masked] to reserve your preferred times. Times are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Prices Single Session – $115 Register 3 Sessions – $285 Register 5 Sessions – $435 Register Please note, session attendees receive $20 off the Consciential Therapy workshop live and online, Saturday January 7th, 12 – 3 PM. Learn More and Register Here.

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At the Miami Out-of-Body Experience Meetup group, great emphasis is placed on the rational study and development of psychic and energetic abilities, especially out-of-body experiences (OBEs), as a means of understanding the multi-dimensional fabric of our reality and learning how to live better within it. We teach techniques for having OBEs with the objective of helping members utilize this incredible experience as a means of self-research and a tool for self-development. Our group is sponsored by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to the investigation of the consciousness and helping people to develop their human potential. The IAC employs a rational and scientific approach to the exploration of consciousness and human potential and strives to provide members with coherent and practical information. To learn more about the IAC, visit our website at:

The Miami IAC offers courses and events (in Both English and Spanish) in addition to meetup events. To see a full calendar of events in MIA, visit us Here:

We are located in south Miami, close to Sunset Place. There we host regular and diverse events for Meetup members including the Consciousness Development Program - a 40 hour training course taken in four 10-hour modules consisting of:

* 6 sessions in which students aim to induce lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs)

* 16 sessions in which students are trained to mobilize and control their energies

* 20 hours of classroom tuition

The IAC is also the home to the Projectarium; the first laboratory of its kind specifically designed to provide an optimized setting for having OBEs. The Projectarium is a perfectly spherical, light, sound, and temperature controlled structure with a memory foam matress suspended on a platform in the center of the sphere. During laboratory sessions, the participant lies with their head in the center of the room, giving them the sense of being in a void. They then apply techniques with the aim of inducing a lucid OBE. Results to date have been very encouraging. Read more about the Projectarium HERE: ......

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