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The Magic Circle is a group of psychic development. Through group meetings, individual abilities will emerge, sharpen and become applicable to our general lives. There will be guidance on how to utilize these abilities, and proper understanding of how they fit into your life, and the role you may play afterwards. A general understanding of your purpose will be a byproduct of continual attendance, as well as enhanced awareness.

I will turn some of you into energy healers, into mediums, into capable people ready to deal with the world around us. I'd like to create a sense of community with this group, where all those who feel 'blessed' or 'different' or 'burdened with sensory overload' can connect with others who will relate and support them. We are placed here on earth to connect with others. Never forget that.

At different points, I will offer energy healing, trauma release or chakra alignment/unblocking as I see fit, if I feel it will help the individual move forward on their path. Many times, our own traumas and personal blocks inhibit us from accessing our true nature.

Sometimes, the group will go on field trips, sometimes to haunted locations. I'm a former/part time ghosthunter and I have learned that highly charged spiritual environments are great tests and activators of psychic development, and I will use safety and protective measures to secure everyone in the group, and will ensure that no lingering attachments incur. If you have an issue with haunted spots, let me know and maybe an alternate can be introduced instead.

We are an open-minded light-hearted group, of mostly indigo/crystal children, ET soul types, and seekers of all stripes. This is a community of growth, empowerment and learning.

If you would like to schedule a private session with Rachel Grayner personally, please feel free to call 310-413-0304 to book an appointment or for more information. Rachel is the founder and original leader of this group, and my teacher, educator of my continual education in magic. She can do it all and I endorse her completely.

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It is time for us to connect with and learn about Fairies! These are the most playful, fun, creative and inspiring nature elementals. They teach us an old and ancient wisdom that has been forgotten throughout the ages as we have become serious and dense beings. This class is about lightening up, remembering how to play and have fun, and getting in touch with our inner child! There is no date set yet. Please let me know if/when you are interested, as I want to get a good sized group put together! We will be doing this outdoors in nature. RSVP to [masked], or call me[masked]

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