What we're about

This group is only for those who are learning or who are already practicing manifestation.

Manifesting is about bringing our desires born in our mind and from a state of idea and dream into our tangible reality. It requires several components starting from the energy you vibrate at, your mindset, belief and connecting to the light/source/divine energy and removing blocks to taking inspired tangible action with a solid actionable strategy.

We want as many practitioners as possible :-) to make this a vital and vigorous group.

Thank you for your cooperation and for becoming a Member of The Magnificent Abundance Manifestors Group!

Sabrina is the organiser of this group. She is an intuitive coach, psychic and healer. Identifying blocks to manifestation is her super power and she will use my laser sharp intuition to pinpoint exactly why you haven’t got the results that you want YET.



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Sabrina has concocted a wide range of magic potions just for you ranging from: manifestation, changing your state, love, money and intuition.

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https://ci4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/6Ka9ukK2AbEQNuK_F7X0F-ChSKZu3tCGzH5ljhgKjX3vgrmqp9a3pMoNtw46aUQlBqXUsbemCiz7DSB4h_H2fen4l74wBTlK_6-Sks4GQjvi8_PFVYzONRNMtz54XxE-a3O1rQv8Zm5uazSCTA=s0-d-e1-ft#https://embed.filekitcdn.com/e/swk5W4tkUuNz3Nkdvqybh4/cM6nqcpiMRPwopPq6P29Ds?w=800&fit=max (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd5DK2m71-2FIlz8xKyiPQnkp4zxpURFo2XNkfOA8hUeIhZHxr-2BNvdwj02gk1wV9Ic5qZ59x9oQ67L6O9MuEoQn4qA-3Dkgug_DP-2FpzNQOtzXhoK7igPPNMb7tgGrsJNmvnpJ-2F-2F84WFXxYZhSoPAI-2FZWBKalx6yAi43BjG5QHJoLDbWVJfE3rp-2BuNhOGRdjTSyR3K0vuAe0UTeP9A2aMtKXnFkD1WGty4h0BC-2Feasjd6DJHHF9l7-2BVmZQtbJ23Se3PxQxiCCnlRQ7DHKDO-2FdhtwBmNaKAPRPy0T2G9RWa7IwsinpvrbT0s2b5h-2B1airXIWjzmlKOoowRc-3D)

Get Sabrina's powerful magical courses and experience a profound shift and healing to get to your next level. Includes all of Sabrina's tools and methodologies to heal, upgrade and shift your energy.

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The community is magical, I drop plenty of manifestation secrets, and it is also a really fun and high vibe place, filled with AMAZING people like YOU, who are saying yes to soul in all ways!



“Congrats on being the leading edge of thought” Michael, Texas, USA

I would like to thank Sabrina Antou for being such an intuitive force in my life. At a time I was feeling blocked and not able to receive success to the level I wanted and knew was possible, she helped me realize there was so much pain and anger from the loss of my parents and 2 brothers that was in my heart and blocking my receiving channels. Of course I went through moments of self healing and grace poured on me so mercifully. Today, I am enjoying more levels of wealth than ever before and I know this is just the beginning!! I am so excited about what is coming!!! I would recommend a session with Sabrina to anyone who needs to move forward in any area of their life. Cynthia, Cameroon

” I would like to convey how eye-opening and life changing this session was. You are truly gifted and I sincerely hope you get your work to the world, because I am certain you will change many lives for good. I was telling my husband about it last night and he agrees- the world needs you!” Jennifer, Houston,Texas, USA
“Sabrina stands out from other manifestation coaches as having a wonderfully honed intuition and heart-centered practice. She is fantastic at tuning in to the underlying issues behind any creative block and working through them to create truly positive shifts.” Zachary, USA

“The work Sabrina and I did together was extremely healing on a very deep level and in the gaps of time in between session, I witnessed many amazing breakthroughs happening and synchronicities. Sabrina works at the root of the problem situation with the aim of creating fundamental change.” Chantal, London UK
“Sabrina is insightful, intuitive and not afraid to call you on your BS in a very loving and nurturing way. She picked up on things I didn’t share and was able to dive deeper into myself that I have even been able to.” Sarahlynn, Kansa City, Missouri,USA

“I have never experienced anything like that before, I felt so much lighter and happier afterwards. You are amazing and definitely would like to work with you again” Ennie, Namibia

“Sabrina did not only open my eyes, she also opened my heart and look at myself and see who I really am” Marie, Bordeaux, France

“After that session, I felt so much lighter and happier. It’s like a heavy coat had been lifted” Stella, Sydney, Australia

“When I first found her services online, I was really desperate for a solution to my anxiety. The calmness I felt mid process really took me by surprise. I was overjoyed with peaceful ecstaticness. And she did all this in a single session! I think this is why you should definitely consider having a session with Sabrina. She is an excellent healer for all esoteric, social, and abundance issues, but moreover, a humble human being that just gets you.” A.J. Toronto, Canada

“Before I had my session with Sabrina, I had a lot of pretty major difficulties in my life — no job, a steadily decreasing bank account, and no self confidence. I was getting to a very dark point when I touched base with Sabrina. I now have a job. Which is exciting but would normally cause me anxiety. Now I feel more confident in my ability to do the job and/or ask for help if I need it. My bank account is beginning to fill in again and I’m happier in my day-to-day. I’m not sure I could have gotten this far without Sabrina’s help. ” Alanna, Toronto, Canada

“Before working with Sabrina through her 6 week-transformation programme, I was a struggling losing trader and also suffered life long anxiety. Sabrina went deep with her clearings. As a result, my trading journey started flourishing with better trading results and reduced anxiety. Sabrina is highly intuitive and able to pintpoint and remove blocks. I decided to renew the programme as a lot of things have been manifesting and flowing to me more and more throughout the weeks due to the sessions” Kiran, Manchester, UK

More testimonials here - Click Here (https://meet.meetup.com/ls/click?upn=SDNnya-2FgLI6CfUa8do8Zd5DK2m71-2FIlz8xKyiPQnkp4zxpURFo2XNkfOA8hUeIhZMtK5eo109n3YruUXO-2BXHho06W6p06e21AwW4lHnctt4-3Db664_DP-2FpzNQOtzXhoK7igPPNMb7tgGrsJNmvnpJ-2F-2F84WFXxYZhSoPAI-2FZWBKalx6yAi43BjG5QHJoLDbWVJfE3rp-2BtJQYwcch7-2BKV-2BWtGGOxGq2xJEi2BwXBx5Fh-2BWThtgwO5ubUYvhusx-2FZK51U-2FPYEIkvZ-2FgjkGW3JrFp88QZCDLrqY9cRjtQ-2BvTseytXH5lV5MyP9BdQsyWM2Rg-2FTx0k-2BGdY0V7dNOFFpEOPxo9wzY3Q-3D)


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