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What we’re about

The Manchester Wiccans (Wiccan Federation) is a straightforward first port of call for those in the Manchester area who are interested in Wicca. It is the city branch for Manchester for the Wiccan Federation which is one of the major forces within the Wiccan tradition in this country.

The group has the following objectives

1) To allow Wiccans to connect with like minded individuals through our network of Watsapp groups including one for Manchester and surrounding areas.

2) To offer training online through the 13 Knots course, and face to face training for those who progress to joining a coven.

3) To allow members to meet like minded individuals who are interested in the tradituon in pub and coffee shop based meetings in Birmingham and through Zoom conferencing for Birmingham Wiccans and other members around the UK

4) To provide a way for individuals to join a Wiccan coven, facilitating the practice of Wiccan rites.

5) To allow those interested in Wicca to meet with others interested on a national basis particularly on Dartmoor.

6) To provide access to written material on Wicca that is written from the perspective of those practicing in a coven setting to ensure that new members understand how experienced Wiccans practice.

The group provides a straightforward access point to the Wiccan tradition and we are dedicated to facilitating access to initiatory coven Wicca for all seekers.

Our Order website is below

We also run a major Wicca website at

The Wiccan Federation and its associated covens also hold a number of events not on meetup which are for the members associated with the covens. Although the covens are spiritual groups they are also groups of friends and hold their own gatherings.

We try to avoid bringing members to events in private houses who are unknown to our network unless they are with a friend we know. Additionally we are a group for Wiccans. Our focus is on those seeking to join the Wiccan path.

The group is also limited to the over 21s. We have special arrangements for those who are 20.