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Hello fellow NYC-to-ATX friends,

The best two cities in the US are Austin and NYC. Austin isn't too good for anyone..... And anyone isn't too good for Austin. But...

There is nothing better to say, than you are a NY- Texan.

The group is like a Shebeen... it’s been underground for a while.

Some know of it, some wonder if it’s an urban legend, and yet it requires a special type of character to be let in.

Much like the photo, this group will be a new building of contacts, business associates, friends, and maybes...something even greater, you can't type in a description.

So those Mafia members that have been underground, as well as new folks looking to get into the connected world of Austin TX, we strive to create:

An environment that promotes networking: "I got a guy"

Keeps the ideals of Austin hospitality, combined with quick witted folks and a New York Style

Drive new Ideas, entrepreneurship, and develop ways in which only a close knit group can help each other.

The symbiotic relationships formed within our group don’t need to be spoken about, they just happen.

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Happy Hour

Whole Foods Market

Happy Hour - Group Relaunch

Whole Foods Market

Happy Hour - Group Relaunch

Whole Foods Market

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