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The Basics: Join us for a men’s group meeting on Wednesday nights in Hartsdale, NY. Our men’s circle is a place where men define their mission, support one another during difficult times and develop the tools necessary to live emotionally rich lives. If you're interested in attending one of our Open Meetings or Open Circles, see the end of this post.

Something’s Missing in the Life of Every Man By Scott Bierko, Enrollment Coordinator

I believe that there’s something missing in the LIfe of Every Man, but you don’t have to travel to the top of a mountain or go down to the bottom of the sea to find it! It’s always been right there inside of you - waiting to be found. It is your best self. It is the balanced man we were born to be, the man the world needs us to be.

Most men are stuck in a kind of “cage” and cannot find their way out alone. As a result, most of us act out like little boys or adolescents our whole lives . If we’re lucky, we get to a point where we really just don’t know what to do next and we seek help from therapists and self-help gurus. Somehow, though, we find that we are still stuck.

This is frustrating because we’ve followed all of the rules taught by parents, teachers and others. We may even have everything we ever dreamed of (or society dreamed for us), but we are still unfulfilled. Why? The answers are not available from these things, these people or these external signs of prosperity. What we seek is not outside of us. The work of becoming a fully-balanced man is an inside job.

The inside work we speak of is a Journey that begins with a single, important step - finding a Circle of Men. Only in a Circle of Men can information and techniques that have worked for men for centuries can be passed on from one man to another. Most boys and men - probably our fathers and grandfathers - did not have a Circle of Men. Our ancestors could not teach us what they did not know. They were stuck, so we got stuck, too.

Men’s work is the path that can get us unstuck and then transform us into fully-balanced men - men capable of getting things done, but as importantly, men who can embark on a life’s mission that serves him, his loved ones and his community. Men’s work focuses on creating that mission (Your Gold) and understanding what gets in the way (Your Shadow).

This is work that will challenge you. Your inner “Warrior” will need to be tapped so that you can go into the woods and come out with the Gold we want to share and the Shadow we need to understand. Your “Lover” will need to be accessed so that you can develop loving kindness and your “Magician” will need to learn how to spin gold from straw. Lastly, your “King” will develop to give you the power to lead, teach and to do so without pride. This is how a boy becomes a man, a man becomes an elder and an elder becomes wise.

Our Circle of Men (The Alchemists of Hartsdale, NY) is a part of a larger organization called The Mankind Project (MKP). The members of our group have all undergone a weekend-long initiation sponsored by MKP which are held over long weekends multiple times per year. In time, you may want to take the step of participating in a weekend and we think you’ll be glad that you did.

To begin your Journey, we invite you to consider joining us for an Open Meeting or Open Circle to see if “what’s missing in your life” might be found in a men’s circle.

Next Open Meetings: Wednesday, October 14 and November 17 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. This is a regular meeting with a thirty-minute "how-to" prior to the start of the meeting

Open Circle: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 from 7:00pm-9:30pm. This is NOT a regular meeting, but one where men can learn about the values of men's work and our weekend initiation program, The New Warrior Training Adventure.

To attend one of these meetings or for questions, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Scott Bierko, at (914) 384-9981 or bierkos@optonline.net.

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Open Meeting of The Mankind Project: Westchester

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Open Meeting of The Mankind Project: Westchester

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