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**Please note that our monthly events are now on hold until further notice in response to the coronavirus. We want to do our part in keeping you, and your families, healthy, so will be moving to digital-only events as soon as possible, and will hopefully be back in person before too long!**

This is a meet up for the marketers of Bedford. The group is a place to socialise and learn from fellow marketing professionals on a range of topics relevant to the field today, in a friendly, happy, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. People seem to like it - the Cambridge event was voted Cambridge's favourite networking event and we're hoping that people will feel the same about Bedford.

So come and join us on the second Wednesday of each month. We start at 18:00 and finish around 20:30. Typically, we have a two speakers book-ended by open and very human networking.

Find out more about The Marketing Meetup on our website: http://www.themarketingmeetup.com

All are welcome, as long as you come to listen, and are prepared to say hello and be positively lovely :).

*For more about The Marketing Meetup and our global events, head to The Marketing Meetup. (https://themarketingmeetup.com (https://themarketingmeetup.com/))*

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From Nike to the Olympic Games

Online event

Matt McKie is the Head of Marketing for The Olympic Games, which is in itself... a bit crazy.

In this Q&A, we're going to ask him what he's learned about marketing in a career that has taken him through some of the world's best-known brands (not even hyperbole).

Why your website visitors are not converting

Online event

Many marketers spend tons of money improving their SEO, creating blog content, investing in digital advertising, and doing all sorts of things to drive loads of traffic to their sites.

But those efforts can fall short for one simple reason: Your website sucks.

We’ve all become comfortable with 2-to-5% website conversion rates, but in reality, that means that 95% of our prospects are slipping through our fingers. CRO is a blend of UX, analytics and psychological triggers you can implement to get people to convert. In this talk, Mary shares the about low-hanging fruit CRO tactics that can drive up conversion rates quickly and effectively.

How I launched my own successful magazine

Online event

At the end of 2020, Sophie Cross had an idea. A good old fashioned magazine in a time where the prevailing wisdom is to go digital.

In a few short months, Sophie conceptualised the magazine, targeted an audience, smashed her £12,000 target on Kickstarter, created and edited the magazine and had it land on doorsteps around the world.

How did she do it? This is the story.

How to Design a Scalable, Sustainable and Always On Content Marketing Strategy

The pressure is real for brands to constantly be churning out fresh content and be “always on.” Research shows time and again that the brands that do always-on marketing well are often considered more recognizable and relevant. But it's not easy to implement.

In addition to always running campaigns, marketers need to ensure the content they promote is relevant throughout their prospect's buying journey. How does one be always on without having to always be working?

In this session, LinkedIn’s Senior Content Solutions Consultant Purna Virji will share how marketers can re-think their content planning approach and share frameworks and best-in-class examples for designing a scalable and sustainable always on content strategy.

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Imposter Syndrome: Stop Faking It.

Online event

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