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The Marketing Meetup: Leeds is a positive and non-salesy group for the brilliant marketers of Leeds to come together, listen and learn.

Events run once a month and feature two expert speakers, talking stuff about marketing, or at the very least tangential to marketing. All this is bookended by the most informal and happy networking you will ever come across.

There are three values that unite us: listening over shouting, saying hello to everyone, and being positively lovely (that's all about giving first, and treating people as people - not job titles).

We're part of the larger community known as 'The Marketing Meetup', which has positively lovely events across the UK for astonishing marketeers. Podcasts, blog posts, our closed Facebook group and all our other events can be found at themarketingmeetup.com

Anyone is welcome to come along, as you come to listen, are prepared to say hello and be positively lovely :).

*For more about The Marketing Meetup and our global events, head to The Marketing Meetup. (https://themarketingmeetup.com (https://themarketingmeetup.com/))*

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How to Win Against Powerful Competitors: Positioning Jujitsu - April Dunford

Our products compete in markets that are frightfully crowded and competitive. Competition comes in different forms including "The Hordes" (me-too copycats that claim to do what you do), "The Giants" (established market leaders who are a "safe" choice) and "The Ghosts" (the invisible but very real option of choosing nothing and sticking to the status quo). In this session, I will teach you how smart positioning can ensure you outrun the Hordes, use the strength of the Giants against them, and bust the Ghosts by leveraging the momentum of trends. ---- Incredibly amazingly supported by these brilliant companies: Fiverr - Fiverr is an online marketplace connecting businesses with thousands of talented freelancers in over 300 categories. Third Light - A Cambridge-based software company helping marketers worldwide to manage their digital media in a natural way that mirrors the way they work, to put time back in their busy lives. Leadoo - Helping SMEs turn website visitors into qualified leads through conversational marketing. Brand Recruitment - An amazing marketing recruitment company based in Cambridge, UK and wonderful supporters of the meetup. Cambridge Marketing College - The best place to get your marketing qualifications and apprenticeships. Further - A Norwich based digital marketing consultancy, serving some of the world’s best known brands, run by incredible people ContentCal - Ditch those stressful spreadsheets – organise all your content marketing in one beautifully simple calendar. Plus, we have a 20% code: TMM20. Redgate Software - A software company on the up and up, proudly Cambridge based, and always looking for marketers. Bravo Marketing - Lingo-bingo-free creative marketing agency, led by the gent that is Barry Richardson

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