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Are you like me—you want to tackle a ‘Top 100’ or similar list of books but there are so many lists from which to choose? I found this awesome site on reading the Western Canon, in which the blogger amalgamated and culled 24 reputable lists to create the aforementioned Master List. Obviously reading these 1055 works would take years upon years…So I’d like to get started!

Check the site out https://lettersrepublic.wordpress.com/about-this-project/ and join me if it appeals to you! The “rules” are few: the one I like best is the prohibition against reading in chronological order. He does have a useful link to the list ordered by popularity (which books made the most lists). I thought to start out by choosing the first few books and if this takes off then we can rotate, with each person in the group choosing a book. Looking forward to meeting fellow readers (and happy to expand into occasional game nights or salon discussions etc.,)

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