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MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! Applied Metaphysics- Tools to Fulfill Your Desires!
PLEASE NOTE: OUR CLASSES ARE GENERALLY WELL ATTENDED! Do NOT go by the RSVP’s as most attendees do NOT RSVP in advance . Please do join us! Thank you! A NOTE FROM APOLLO: "Hello Everyone! Apollo here, are you frustrated in manifesting what you truly desire in life AND are you willing to put simple, practical tools into daily practice? Then this 4 hour workshop dedicated to realizing your dreams is for you! We will take a Project or Goal and create simple tools to assist you in manifesting." COST:$30 with advanced purchase $35 the day of the event Call VQ For Discount Tickets:[masked] This is an experiential, hands-on workshop about how to take what you truly desire in life and turn it in to reality. Many of us have read books, seen movies, meditated/prayed but still feel frustrated in consistently producing what we desire in our lives. When you are done with this class, you will be clear about what is at the core of creation. This workshop will get you in touch with the creator within. All of us are creating our lives but many of us are doing this subconsciously which often will be in contradiction for what we are consciously attempting to create. As you begin to realize that you are the creator of everything in your life, you will be able to stand in a more powerful place to uncreate what you don't want and to create what you desire. In this workshop, we will take an area of life that is important to you and walk through the steps to create a structure to have you reliably fulfill on what you desire. And when you don't, be clear on what's missing so you can put it into practice. You will also have some practical tips and tools to use to help you keep on track with your practices Dan Leboffe, Workshop Facilitator: This workshop will be led by Dan Leboffe. Dan is a Capitalistic Social Worker whose mission in life is to make money and make a difference at the same time and demonstrate how business and spirituality overlap. He was a CPA and has his MBA from a top business school and has been in the business world for over 30 years. While he is grounded in the "real world", his commitment is to operate and produce results from a spiritual/metaphysical context and will share specifically how he does that so others may learn and replicate success in areas of life that are important to them.

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The Mediumship Ability Development Group-"Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side"

"You Were Born to be Psychic with the ability to communicate with Spirits in the Here After! Anyone and everyone can become a Medium and contact loved ones who have passed on! It just takes practice and a willingness to achieve and you too can become a powerful Medium!


Welcome! We are a community based organization with monthly classes demonstrating and studying the Principles of Mediumship through the development of ESP and Intuitive Psychic skills. Mediumship is a Psychic process whereby a human instrument, known as a Medium is able to communicate to people in the After Life for the express purpose of providing information to loved ones here on Earth.

Serving the Spiritual & Healing Community of Phoenix, THE MEDIUMSHIP ABILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP, is a comprehensive one stop shop for the gathering of skills to communicate with those that have passed from this world into the next one as demonstrated by "The Long Island Medium," Theresa Caputo! Our gatherings are designed to teach and demonstrate specific techniques and exercises to enhance your abilities to 'Connect With Spirit' and the foundation for Psychic Development upon which mediumship is built.


* How to link with a spirit that has passed on and the process of listening to the loved one contacted.

* How to develop new and loving relationships with loved ones that have passed.

* How to visit those in the After Life through Astral Projection and learn about their new life

* Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience - and how to combine them for Mediumship

* Life in the Hereafter and what happens to an individual after passing.

* The process of Reincarnation and how the next life is chosen.

* What is meant by the Life Review,how it is done and the beautiful loving experience that it is!

* Becoming a Medium, developing a practice, ethics and responsibility.

* Mediumship and Spiritual growth.

* And much much more- This is a huge and profound subject with much to study and learn!

Many people believe that you have to have a special gift in order to be a Medium and to speak with the spirit world! But some of the world's greatest Mediums throughout history were also trained just as you can be, once you realize that these abilities are already yours. Yes, those powers are within your very own self! You TOO can learn to speak to loved ones on the other side instead of depending on others to do it for you!

Taught by some of Phoenix's finest and most experienced metaphysicians and mystics, the proven techniques you will learn are grounded in reality to improve your chances for success. Come to learn, come to share............and come into YOUR POWER!

"LET US SHOW YOU HOW...............!!!!" RSVP for our next Event! We would love to meet you and your loved ones on the Other Side!

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