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Pathfinder: The Thousand Year Plague
No more room for more players. No distinct changes to characters since last session. New characters are level 12, 108,000 starting gold, point buy 25. Any race (from the paizo books or homebrew) and any class or archetype (homebrew races in the setting guide below). Feel free to completely ignore racial society, alignment and all that stuff (even in the homebrew stuff which is for other eras of the setting as well). Clerics do not need a god; Paladins have to be good, but aren't locked to lawful; necromancy is not considered evil. Last Time: Having agreed to work with a kyton known as the builder, you found yourself under attack from azata and demons and angles and that sort of thing as you headed for the next idol, the Eremite Kyton waiting there for you and your old friend Em. Setting Guide: PCGen: You can add it to pcgen by unzipping to pcgen data/homebrew, then activate it with the advanced tab in sources. Short Version: A thousand years ago, in the countries of Caltin and Tzapire, people stopped staying dead. After three days, anyone who had died and whose body was intact would come back as a mindless zombie or skeleton. About seven hundred years ago, an organisation called the Scourge conquered the northwest of Caltin and people stay away from there. Travelers and settlements disappear with no pattern in Tzapire.

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What we're about

Hello all, this group has been set up with the objective of creating a gaming community.

This community can then be used as a resource for people wanting to start up or join in on boardgames and/or RPG's, with occasional official meetups thrown in once every quarter.

Although I do not want to discourage any type of gaming that people may want to bring forward, the main genres this group will focus on are sci-fi, fantasy and historical based games.

I myself play all of these types of boardgames and enjoy many rpg's - mainly D&D 3.5 edition.

I live in the South-Eastern suburbs, however this group is open to everyone in Melbourne.

If you want to start a game, please feel free to start a post on the message board.

NB: You should only join this group if you intend to get involved in gaming with people in this group.

So without further delay, give me your best war face and sign up so we can get gaming!!!

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