What we're about

This is a monthly event where anyone is invited to talk on a topic of maths or science that may be of interest to them. You may be a researcher and feel like telling other people about what you do; or you may be a computer scientist and want to share some cool programming techniques or computational approaches. We're interested in anything relating to science and maths, and technical talks are encouraged!

Thanks to Biarri (https://biarri.com/) for sponsoring our Meetup fees and catering for many years, and to Silverpond (https://silverpond.com.au/) for providing a space for us to meet and drinks.

Past events (45)

On Computable Numbers, Holding Infinity in Your Hand


From Burgers To Mars

New Silverpond Office

Mathematics of Sales Forecasting with James Northrop

New Silverpond Office

Street Fighting Science: Simple models for complex problems

New Silverpond Office