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Gleason's Boxing Gym
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Gleason's Boxing Gym

77 Front Street · Brooklyn, NY

What we're about

This group was created to encourage participation in what are generally regarded as male-oriented activities such as boxing, hunting and building, but with the inclusion of certain other skills which all men should possess, like dancing and cooking. Since the urban environment does not offer enough opportunities for some of these activities, The Men's Club does not restrict its postings to events in New York City.

Very few men in today's world are well-versed or well-schooled in all of the different kinds of activities that this group promotes. An expert carpenter might know nothing of boxing; a world-class hunter might know little about the building arts; neither may be able to cook, and both might have two left feet. That is to be expected. We are all rank amateurs in one area or another. Don't worry about it; we all have to start somewhere.

All Men's Club events are open to attendance by anyone with the exception of certain specific events which require considerable planning like Hunting in Africa ( or Running with the Bulls ( in Spain. Otherwise, all Men's Club Meet-Ups are member-driven, so if you want to meet up with any other members, it is up to you, as a member, to post your plans on the event message board. Visitors to this site, whether they choose to join The Men's Club or not, may attend any Men's Club event. There are no requirements for membership or attendance. Members do, however, receive event reminders - and members are encouraged to actually meet up!

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Philosopher Herbert Spencer probably said it best: "Every man is warrior*, hunter**, fisherman, tool-maker, builder" - First Principles (1862)

*Note: The term "warrior" is used, within the context of this group, to refer to a man's (or a woman's) right to stand up for themselves and defend themselves against those who would do them harm. It is not meant to encourage militarism. The Men's Club is, in fact, a pacifist enterprise - even as men like Ernest Hemingway and Muhammad Ali were pacifists.

Boxing is not practiced primarily for self-defense, but in the pursuit of a higher order of being, what was once referred to as character-building, in that boxing is the only human activity which claims to measure the better man, and that the practice of boxing makes one a better man, competition notwithstanding. The self-defense aspect, while of considerable value, is simply an added benefit.

To amplify, your organizer gives a short talk on The Art of Boxing ( For further clarification, read A Commentary on Boxing and Culture (, also by your organizer.

**Note: The word "hunter", noting the almost universally accepted definition of humans as being "hunter/gatherers", refers to the hunting, gathering and harvesting of any and all natural, renewable resources (in a sustainable manner). The Men's Club avers that hunting is, by far and without question, the most ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable means of providing nourishment.

It should be noted that all Men's Club activities (i.e. not only boxing) are designed to make one a better man. A builder grows to understand the nature of materials, how to work with his hands, what constitutes "quality", and so on. Those things make him a better man. A hunter learns about nature, ecology, self-reliance and the interconnectedness of all living things. All of this makes him a better man ... and so on ... ... ...

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The science behind the Men's Club derives from the fact that the human genetic endowment has remained virtually unchanged for more than two million years, that it is the direct result of our engagement with physical reality via the five senses; that our every thought and action derives from that fact; that that is a good thing, and that the only reliable path toward maximum personal development is through increasing and intensifying said engagement. The idea that humans are purely spiritual or primarily intellectual beings has no basis in science and is profoundly and inherently destructive.

In addition, engagement with physical reality stimulates changes in epigenetic activity which results in incremental, marginal changes in perception and behavior, all of which enhances the human life experience. Research as to whether or not behaviorally-induced epigenetic transformations effect structural changes to the human genome is still ongoing. Still, any man who develops even rudimentary skills in all of the subject areas of study of The Men's Club will be a profoundly different human being than one who has none.

Furthermore, various and seemingly unrelated human activities share common components and are often mutually enhancing and reinforcing. Dancing, for example, helps develop the balance, movement and timing that are so important in boxing, which, in turn, heightens sensory perception and "grace under pressure" - so important in hunting. Hunting and gathering familiarize the practitioner with natural resources, as well as imparting an appreciation of their inherent aesthetics. Everything is interrelated.

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” - Robert Heinlein

"Men have sought to make a world from their own conception and to draw from their own minds all the material which they employed, but if, instead of doing so, they had consulted experience and observation, they would have the facts and not opinions to reason about, and might have ultimately arrived at the knowledge of the laws which govern the material world." - Francis Bacon

"I believe that the horrifying deterioration in the ethical conduct of people today stems from the mechanization and dehumanization of our lives, the disastrous byproduct of the scientific and technical mentality." - Albert Einstein

"The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy ... neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water." - John W. Gardner

"The power of custom is very great; huntsmen will lie out all night in the snow, or suffer themselves to be burned up by the sun on the mountains; boxers, hurt by the caestus, never utter a groan." (Consuetudinis magna vis est: pernoctant venatores in nive, in montibus uri se patiuntur; pugiles, caestibus contusi, ne ingemiscunt quidem) - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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The Men's Club has no political, commercial, academic or spiritual affiliations of any kind.

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If you plan on visiting the Boston/Cambridge area, check out this group:

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The Men's Club is a Sequitorian Enterprise.

... from the root to the fruit ...

"Culture is a product of nature." - Harvard Professor Emeritus Edward O. Wilson

We are all indigenous peoples.

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And finally ... If you find that the internet, news and entertainment media, professional sports and other spectacles, in conjunction with everything else available via the global communications infrastructure, are more compelling than those things in your immediate surroundings which you can access directly through your five senses, ... that’s a problem. - §

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