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ALL Jammers! All Instruments! All Skill Levels Welcome!

Come join us make music together! Anyone who can play any instrument at any skill level is welcome to stay and play for some or all of the Jam. We all play and sing songs from our TWO song books of lyrics and chords. Everyone gets a chance to pick a song or pass. No pressure!

*** Important info ****

a. Please RSVP and DOWNLOAD our TWO song books - see below

b. We need DONATIONS to help to keep the MHP Jam alive! - see below.

c. Join our Facebook group - see below


a. Please RSVP through Meetup and DOWNLOAD our TWO song books.

To download our TWO song books:

1.Go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mhpjam/files/2.Download Meridian Park Songbook Volume 1 Revision B3.Download MeridianHillParkSongbookPartII.pdf


b. Donations help to keep the MHP Jam alive!

I pay for most of the Meetup costs out of my own pocket. Did you know the Meetup page and events cost money to operate? The Meetup charges us $180 to maintain our site alone. Your contributions will go straight to the Jam to help me cover our costs and make our Meetups even better.

Contributions are appreciated but not required. A donation of $1-$5 is suggested for each jam.

You can donate online:


or give cash to Eric at a jam. Thanks!


c. Join the Facebook group at


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