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We're all about building connection, community, and ease through mindful movement. Think yoga, hiking, paddling, etc. Our events are slower paced and accessible to people of all skill levels. We care more about how you feel when you move than what you look like or if you're doing all the activities perfectly. We only live one life. Might as well feel good while you're living it and spend it with awesome people. Looking forward to moving with you both on and off the mat.


Our free community events include:

- Weekday Hike once a month

- Weekend Hike once a month

We also offer a donation based yoga class once a month. Proceeds will be donated to a non-profit, charity, or a local organization. We try to keep these as local as possible. If you have any suggestions, please let our organizer know.

********** Disclaimer **********

By signing up for The Mindful Movement Community's activities, you release all liability from the group's leaders. You will do your own fact finding to understand the circumstances of the event and all that is Involved before submitting your RSVP. You are responsible for your own well-being.

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When Meetup members sign up and accept the Meetup Terms of Service, they are agreeing to the Release found in Section 6. This Release basically states that members attend events at their own risk, and release The Organizers, the assistant organizers and Meetup from any claims that may result in injury or death.

********** Community Guidelines **********

1) Be kind, supportive, and respectful. The Mindful Movement Community is a place of support, inspiration and positivity - it is not a place for negativity, rants, bullying or complaints. Quite simply put...please be a kind human being to others.

2) Do not message another member without permission. We LOVE connections being made but you MUST have someone's permission before sending them a private message. Those who solicit by PMing other members will be removed from the group.

3) We'll wait 5 minutes for late comers. We understand that things like traffic and forgetting something last minute exist. We also believe time is one of the most valuable resources we have. Please be respectful of our time and send a message if you're going to be late or decide not to show up last minute.

4) Three no-shows will result in removal from the group. Event sizes are limited for a number of different reasons, and a no-show is a space that could've gone to someone else. Please give another member the opportunity to participate if you can't make it.

5) When changing your RSVP from yes to no, give 24 hour notice if possible. This way the wait list group and the leader have time to plan.

6) Members must have a profile picture if attending an event. We foster a friendly & transparent community, and having a profile picture helps others to identify with you. This is especially helpful when identifying people at our event location and carpooling.

Upcoming events (1)

Hike Bobcat Ridge - Valley Loop Trail (moderate)

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

Bobcat Ridge is officially open on 9/18! Yay!

Let's see what it looks like after last year's fire. Bobcat Ridge is located near Masonville, Colorado. This loop trail features an old cabin. (I think, if it's still there!)

The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until September. Most of these trails are out in the open, so not very many trees = little shade. Horses and mountain bikers also use this trail. There are no dogs allowed. There is no fee for this natural area. More info here: https://www.fcgov.com/naturalareas/finder/bobcat

Length: 4.8 miles
Starting elevation: 5,444 ft
Elevation gain: 403 ft

Things to bring:
- water
- sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
- snacks
- good hiking shoes

We'll meet at the big sign by the trailhead. I've got a purple backpack.

Restrooms are available. Please bring hand sanitizer.

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