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Meet. Learn. Teach. Share. Laugh. Welcome to the premier group for Austrian econ and Ludwig von Mises enthusiasts in Orange County! Every month we'll get together for a few hours (minimum) to discuss the works of Mises and other Austrian heavyweights, interpret current events, critique essays and hitpieces by other philosophical schools, review the latest issue of the QJAE, watch and chat about recorded debates and generally just enjoy being around other people passionate about sound economic theory. This group is open to pros, noobs, academics, students, housewives (and husbands), businessmen (and women), the ignorant and the intellectual, the hardcore and the merely curious, black people, white people, pizza lovers and pizza haters, the gluten intolerant and the gluttonous and everyone in between. We're not polylogists-- everyone has a valuable rational contribution to make and take. Gatherings will generally include consumption of beer/wine/cocktails and/or coffee. The wait is over. You're NOT as crazy as you think you are and you DON'T have to feel so lonely about it. Come share life with like-minds! (And when the fun is all over each month, you can continue the revelry online with our blog/forum, 24/7, until the next one.)

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A Value-driven Economy

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The critical differentiation for Austrian economics - making it a superior economic way of thinking and a better guide for both businesses and individuals - lies in its understanding of value. Value is subjective, an experience that individuals e-value-ate and use as the basis for economic choices. It’s not about money (“How much am I prepared to pay?”) or any other measurement. It’s a feeling. The application of economics is the pursuit of value.

One area of choice where the Austrian value concept could be profitably applied is sustainability and the global climate controversy. The pursuit of value is the only true sustainability. Austrian economics would suggest that people can weigh up all of their value options - their job, the future of their families, their concerns for the environment and for nature, their material comfort - and come to a set of balanced decisions about what cars to drive, what energy supplies to consume, what foods to eat, and which companies and brands to buy from. They are also conscious that waste (including pollution) is the opposite of value, and they can take steps to reduce it, on balance, over time.

How can we best help people understand that it is their own personal value choices are the best way to address sustainability and climate concerns, and not subject themselves to the errant judgment and top-down coercion of WEF and UN elites?

Please note that the restaurant kitchen closes at 11 AM, so if you'd like to order something then please arrive early enough to do so.


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Inflation from an Austrian Economics Perspective

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