What we're about

Our goal is to bring a community of artists together to elevate their sense of play and confidence through the world of acting and body work. Our mission is to walk out of the meetup with not only more confidence and focus in their work, but also presence and openness in their lives.

If you're an actor, whether a working one, a breaking through the mold one, or a just wanna get better one, this workshop could be a great sendoff into the new year for you. Looking to feel stronger for pilot season? Just wanna sharpen those auditioning skills? Or maybe even looking to get back into the game of acting after taking a break?

If you're like me, you've tried out quite a few different acting classes in LA, and they can be surely helpful. I have an incredible amount of respects for all the teachers who've helped me make leaps and bounds. That being said, my one (or two) gripe comes more from the fact that it often costs a pretty penny to attend classes you don't work a ton in, and you can be given notes by trusted teachers, but perhaps their notes are not as relevant with the times and the needs of the industry as the landscape changes. We are living in the age of the MODERN ACTOR, where understanding not only your artistry work, but how you approach the business as a brand, is becoming just as important.

This pop-up workshop will focus for that modern actor; with a strong emphasis in audition technique (cause who doesn't want to be better in the room), along with body work (I can't stress enough how much changing things in the body for me shifted the way I approached scenes), and secondary focuses on scene study and branding/strategy. In terms of the latter, the workshop will have individual consultations with anything you want consulted, ie your branding through social media, how to strategize with your type, fix up your reel, etc. We'll cover it ALL!

SO, if you're feeling motivated and ready to rock this year, get out of the K-hole that is social media and come workshop with us! You'll have an opportunity to work and play, and together, we'll elevate your craft to the next level, achieving tools you can use for the rest of your life, so you gotta want it.

So come take the dive, and jump in. The water's warm.

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