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MAX MEDITATION ™ with HEALING SOUND FREQUENCIES. Come and enjoy this complete System of ancient yogic meditation, mind acrobatics with modern psychology and neuro-linguistic programming at the MYSTERIUM CENTER in Mar Vista/Venice. It relaxes, clears the mind effortlessly and brings in super charged positivity. Combined with Music and Soundscapes for Healing and DNA Repair. Meditations led by Prof. Certified MAX MEDITATION ™ Teacher. #maxmediation #mindfulness #meditation #emptymind #clamness #yoga #clarity #peace

Mysterium Center

12476 Venice Boulevard · Los Angeles, CA

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The Modern Mystery School is a global network of all ages from a broad variety of backgrounds. Scientists, artists, doctors, waiters, business professionals, light workers, teachers, kid lovers, parents, film makers, creative minds and people from all sort of paths are seeking answers to Life's questions. Who are we and how can we reach our highest potential in Life? The basic teachings of our organization focus on self-realization, spiritual advancement and the path to achieve our highest potential in life. The core mission of our community is to serve humanity. Through gatherings we empower and learn to understand ourselves better and open pathways to experience a journey into the advanced spiritual teachings that have been handed down for over 3,000 years from an unbroken lineage of great spiritual truths.

If you are a true seeker of ancient wisdom and growth or if you just like to connect, meditate, laugh and share with amazing like minded people who'd love to hear about your journey on this Planet, than this group is for you.

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