What we're about

The Moms Hive is a safe space for moms to be supported and loved for who you are today and to celebrate and grow into the vision you hold for what parenting could be.

You're curious about peaceful parenting and what it might look like to parent without punishment. Maybe you've tried it. Maybe you've never heard of it. Maybe you think it's the same as permissive parenting and think no way!

You're an amazing mom who's craving peace and connection with your child.

Maybe you've tried different tools and strategies but without the support and encouragement when things get messy like a comfy blanket you wrap yourself in the familiar. And you're walking around feeling overwhelmed and guilty from the yelling and exhausted from all the nagging.

You're the mom who is always doing for everyone else and still feel like your failing.

This space is for you if
~you're ready to release the overwhelm
~you know there is more to parenting than yelling and nagging
~you're done comparing and feeling not good enough
~you're ready to explore peaceful parenting
~you're committed to building a partnership with your child built on mutual respect and authentic communication

This space is not for you if
~you want the tools that will "fix" your child
~you aren't willing to look within and take action
~you're not willing to support and love other moms in a judgment free, comparison free zone
~you're looking for a parenting expert who has all the answers
~you're here to promote or market to the members of this group.

From this moment on, I want you to say adios to the belief that the chaos and overwhelm and yelling has to be a part of "normal" parenting. That you have to yell to get your child to cooperate. That peace in parenting is not 100% possible for you.

I'm your host and parenting coach, Irene McKenna, and I'm here to give you simple tools, loving support and inspiration that has the potential to completely change the way you parent and lead you toward a future filled with a child who naturally cooperates and a deep lasting connection (so you can stop yelling!)

The only rule is no negativity or judgment. While all parenting styles are welcome, this group is for those who desire and support peaceful parenting therefore parenting choices that include CIO, use of punishments or rewards will not be discussed as strategies to be used.

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Peaceful Parenting Masterclass

Irondequoit Public Library

Peaceful Parenting Masterclass

Irondequoit Public Library

Stay at Home Moms Support Circle

Irondequoit Public Library

Working Moms Support Circle

Irondequoit Public Library

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