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Healing Meditation
Join us for a Wonderful Night of Healing Meditation. We get together each week to Meditate and send out Healing Energy to our family, friends, and our selves. After we are finished with them, then we send it out to the World in general, because it needs so much help right now. We start off with a ten minute Energy sharing to get us all warmed up. Then we call to mind all those in need. We then ask the Divine/God to assist us in our Healing work and start our 25 minute meditation. We can teach you how to send out Healing White Light. It is really quite easy. Please ask if you would like to learn how. We started this group back in September 11, 2001 when the twin towers came down. We thought that it would be a good idea to get together and send out some Healing Energy to those that had passed away. We found out that they were all doing fine, and that it was the families and friends that needed some help. So we sent them all the White Light of Unconditional Love. We have been able to help people all over the world. It’s such a joy to be able to do this work. There is no charge for this meetup, but we do accept donations. *PLEASE - If by chance you can not make it to this meetup, we ask that you please change your RSVP so that those waiting for an opening can be notified and also be able to join us in your place. Thank You!

Randy Henson’s Home

762 Laine St. · Monterey, CA

What we're about

We are a spiritually based community interested in exploring different paths of Higher Consciousness. Our members study, explore, and support each other in developing a sense of loving connection and expanded consciousness.

We are here to learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance. Everyone is welcome. Bring an open mind and an open heart.

Some of the topics we explore are: Psychic and Intuitive Development, Angels, Auras, Channeling, Chanting, Chakras, Crystals, Dream Work, Energy, Healing, Kundalini, Law of Attraction, Light Workers, Meditation, Mediumship, Native American Ceremony, Pendulums, Shamanic Work, Spirit Guides, and so much more.

Requests for specific topics are always welcome as are requests to facilitate a session or part of it.

Extraordinary friendships have been made here and we welcome you to our community.

Please join us for fun, friendship, learning and personal enrichment. No previous experience is required.

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