What we're about

A lot of events centered around Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in tech rely on the same format. It more often than not involves a huge panel with tech companies sharing stats on the lack of representation in tech, and going over company-wide initiatives to move the needle (cue unconscious bias training) towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

But, at what point is talk just talk? Rarely do we see companies take a backseat and listen, while those affected by the lack of diversity and inclusion in the tech ecosystem lead a conversation. Systemic change cannot happen by simply checking a box.

That's why we started the Mosaic Series.

Our mission is to create a consistent space for participants of diverse backgrounds to share their experiences in the tech world in order to generate actionable changes for invited companies to implement. After each event, we hope that participating companies report back on how the action items have been implemented, which promotes accountability!

We invite you to create something with us!

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