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Welcome to the Motoring Enthusiast Group for Meetup. We are a group of driving enthusiast that loves nimble sports cars that put an emphasis on handling ability.

We are the guys and gals that actually go out and enjoy driving, whether it be a track day, autocross events, HPDE, or just enjoying some spirited back-road drives.

So, lets set off to find some of the greatest driving roads in the area, grab some local grub, meetup and discuss anything about sports cars, advance driving techniques, and discover like-minded people to connect with.

The Motoring Enthusiast group is also found on Facebook and Linkedin.com

Member are ranked according to participation:

-Passenger (New Member)

-Back Seat Driver (Has not attended Meetups , Has participated in 5 or more Discussions)

-Drivers Permit (Attended 1 Meetup)

-Inexperienced Driver (Attended 2 Meetups)

-Commuter (Attended 3 Meetups)

-Good Driver (Attended 4 Meetups)

-Skilled Driver (Attended 5 Meetups)

-Enthusiast (Attended 6 or more Meetups)

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Steve Hixon Email- gearxhead@gmail.com

Meetups for The Motoring Enthusiast Group are for sensible motoring enthusiast, and we offer practical advice on various advanced driving techniques for the track. Some of these techniques are equally relevant for the road, such as smooth driving and braking. But under no circumstances should drivers attempt the racing or stunt techniques reviewed at this site or by the the advise of other members on the public roads. Members at The Motoring Enthusiast Group will accept no responsibility for damage to cars or injury as a result of using any of the techniques. Drive safely!

Past events (25)

Midatlantic Grand Prix

MD 152 Mountain Road & I-95 Park and Ride

Autobahn indoor karting

Autobahn Indoor Karting

Davidson Park and Ride (Sponsored by ALTRUM)

Davidsonville Park & Ride

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