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Join us for Enduro night at my favorite semi-local indoor karting track.


4060 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE

None of that electric drifting kart foolishness we found in Laurel. :) These are gas fume belching karts.

This is a tiny track where muscle memory, fast reactions, and throwing your weight into the corners can shave the critical fractions of a second.

Tuesdays are their slowest day so they have $20 40 lap enduro races which is about twice the distance you would get for a normal $20 8 minute race. Do three races in a night and you'll have your work out for the day!

Let's meet at the Mountain Road and carpool to save as much as possible on tolls and gas. It is about a 45 minute drive from that spot. I suggest paying $10-15 per rider to the driver.

6:30 is the carpool meetup time. We'll probably stop for a fast bite on the way and be at the track around 7:30.

I may also cross post this on one or two of my hiking groups to get a larger group. It's a blast to race against your own people. And we'll get in a lot more track time than in Laurel.