What we're about

Come join us for The Mourning Break, where we will explore grief and healing through the use of art, play, and imagination! This group is for people whom have survived the death of a beloved person.

Meeting Format:
1. Centering Practice (i.e. guided meditation, silent meditation, mindful breathing exercises)
2. Group Check-In
Facilitated Creative Process and Group Sharing Opportunity
(Group will rotate through three activities below, one activity per meeting)
a.) Working with images and writing to access feelings & inner resources
b.) Creating collage to explore topics of grief and self-care
c.) Creating Worlds: Entering the world of imagination, symbol, and metaphor to
access areas of acceptance & healing
4. Closing Moments (i.e. closing blessing, thought of the day, moment of silence, short reading)

We all need to grieve. We know there must be a thousand ways to get through this, and, in these moments of intense and raw emotion, we often feel desperate, lost, alone, even angry. Our spiritual community, our beliefs, our family, our friends, and our culture all give us clues on how to honor the dead, and how to grieve... sort of. We learn quickly that there really is no instruction booklet.

The truth is, here in America, we often lack communal guidance and support in the grieving process. Without support, we often unwittingly internalize grief, turning it into a private, solitary activity. We judge ourselves. We set time limits. We expect ourselves to get over it. We don’t want to burden others with it. And so we do our best to deny it, hoping it will just go away. (It doesn’t).

When we avoid grieving altogether, it pops up at the most inopportune times. Grief can be exhausting and terribly inconvenient. It can be emotionally draining and unpredictable. Being willing to face grief head-on takes strength, stamina, and courage. Facing grief is the first step towards a healthier future and a new normal. You don’t have to do it alone. Are you ready to work towards healing? Do you want to do something in addition to talking about it? Come *greet the mourning* creatively and constructively, in community. Together.

The Mourning Break activities are specifically designed to be interactive and experiential, providing creative avenues to process grief and work towards healing. By using art, play, and imagination as therapeutic modalities, you will be encouraged to expand your awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection, and integrate this knowledge into your healing. You will continue to deepen your level of self-awareness through meditative practices, artistic process, and verbal reflection on experience, as well as through giving and receiving feedback on your projects.

My hope is that you will develop a deeper understanding of how to access your own inner resources for self-care, and will learn of additional resources and activities that promote healthy, mindful coping while grieving. You will have the opportunity to create bonds of friendship and build a community of support through facilitated group discussion and shared activities. I hope you will grow your faith in your own ability to live and cope with loss, having experienced activities and discussions that support personal learning, growth, and healing.


Sessions are led by the Rev. Jenifer Ingerman Miller. Jen is an ordained Interfaith chaplain, an intuitive energy healer, certified hypnotherapist, and healing arts facilitator. She was ordained through The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, and is a graduate of the HCH hypnotherapy program in Lafayette. Jen currently works in hospice and specializes in helping people through transitions. She is committed to empowering her patients and clients, helping facilitate awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection while working to heal trauma, unharmonious patterns of relationship, conflict, and illness, on all levels. Even when there is no cure, healing work can be accomplished. Jen is available for private sessions. Please inquire in person or through website below.


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