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Welcome to the Munich iOS Developers meetup group. This is a group to learn and share iOS experiences. Use this group to learn tricks, network with other iOS developers, share your experiences and see interesting presentations or demos.
If you're interested about speaking on any iOS related topic, or presenting your app please contact us.
We also have a Slack channel were we discuss anything related to iOS, send us a private message and we will add you the channel.

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Swift Lighting Talks

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Hi all,

let's meet up for some lighting talks as usual 😀

We are currently looking for speakers and a host, so please get in touch with us and we will update this event.


Talk 1:
Modularization: What does it take to go there - Karim Alweheshy, Choco

Startup have to scale, some wants to get further, in a hyper-growth mode To get as fast as possible, developers need to change code faster and in a more autonomous way The catch is, if your code base is one and many teams are working on it, the cognitive load increases exponentially One way to get around this, is to map your code structure to your organization's structure as in conway's law In Choco, that's where we were one year ago. We'll talk about the journey, the current challenges and how does the future look like?


Hope to see you there.

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Swift Lighting Talks - We are back!

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