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What we’re about

Have you had any of the following spiritual experiences?

  • dream with a departed loved one?
  • A prophetic dream or a flying dream?
  • An out-of-body experience?
  • past life recall?
  • A relationship that appears to be based on karma?
  • Experiences with an Inner Light or Sound?
  • Or other unexplained experiences?

Are you searching for ways to have a deeper spiritual connection and find truth for yourself?

The teachings of Eckankar offer spiritual perspectives and tools to help you explore and discover your own answers. Eckankar in New Jersey offers community online and in-person events and programs open to anyone, regardless of background or religious beliefs.

Eckankar - The Path of Spiritual Freedom, is an ancient teaching that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth for themselves. To learn more about Eckankar, please visit

The Satsang Society of New Jersey is a chartered affiliate of Eckankar – discover events near you and online - listed on our event calendar at and on Meetup.

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