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We are a group of fun friends who are looking to have a good time and make new friends. Whether your're a newly single, divorced,looking to date, looking for friends, looking to network, then this group is for you! The diversity of our members is what makes the group fun and interesting. Our social events include happy hours, dinners, trips to museums, dance theme parties, professional social mixers, BBQs, picnics and many more fun activities. We also seek to serve the community via various charity, fundraising and volunteer events.

. Come join us for some fun time, and get to know us! We make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortably at home, that's our guarantee. Feel free to contact the Organizer or Assistant Organizers to share any thoughts, ideas or suggestions as this group is here to serve you. Peace, and let's have a fun time!

Upcoming events (5+)

40 & Over Chemistry Singles Mixer

Needs a location

Get details and tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/40-over-chemistry-singles-mixer-tickets-54540335612 * QUICK NOTE: You have to get your tickets in advance online. You will not be able to pay at the venue door. We recommend grabbing your ticket now because we'll be raising the ticket price as event time gets closer. The price may go as high as $40 by event time. Mix and mingle with fun, mature NYC single professionals ages 40s & 50s+ at one of NYC's hottest venues... Legrande Lounge. A Chemistry Mixer is a revolutionary and exciting new Meetup event to meet quality singles in this busy city. A Chemistry Mixer tends to attract quality, single professionals who are done with the dating games and ready to meet that special someone. HOW IT WORKS: - You'll be mixing & mingling as you would at a traditional Meetup cocktail party. Upon entering you'll get an icebreaker sheet with a series of fun "chemistry questions". While mingling you can ask people these questions... As people answer your questions, they'll initial your ice breaker sheet. The more questions you get answered the more chances you have have to win great raffle prizes! A couple of hours into the event, our event host will collect the ice breaker sheets and hand out raffle tickets (You can participate in the question asking as much or little as you'd like. Most people love asking the questions because they want to win prizes but some people choose to mix and mingle without the questions. It's totally up to you... no pressure at all!) - Upon entering you'll also get 5 "Chemistry Cards". You can write your name and email address on each card and we encourage you to hand out your cards to the 5 people you felt you have the most chemistry with based on the way they answered the questions, or just give them to anyone who caught your eye (of course you can hand out less than 5 cards if you'd like. It's totally up to you). It's then up to them to email you in the near future. An example of some of our unique chemistry ice breaker questions: * If you had a time machine - where would you take it to? Would you stay there? * Do you usually follow your heart or your head? * Would you rather live for one year on an island by yourself or for one year in a small apartment with 7 strangers? * Would you grow a mohawk for a year if it meant that $10,000 would go to a good charity? * A friend who needs a job applies at your business. Someone who is much more qualified also applies. Do you hire your friend? * What is one thing you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list, but haven’t yet? Event Details: * Suggested Age Range: 40s & 50s+ * Great Music Being Played At Conversational Levels * The Event Goes Until 10:30 So Feel Free To Arrive Any Time. Most People Arrive Between 6:30 and 7:30 PM * Drink Specials! * 10 Prizes Being Raffled Off! * We Usually Have Over 100 People Attend! * Typically 75% of Attendees Come Alone (25% come with friends). * Dress Code: Neat, Professional and/or Stylish - No t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, tank tops, baseball caps or gym attire. What You Wear To Work Is Likely Fine. What people are saying about recent Chemistry Mixers... "The chemistry questions are the perfect way to tell if you'd have long term chemistry with someone. I got to connect with a lot of amazing people and truly feel that I got to know some of them enough to tell if we'd be compatible in a relationship" - Melissa T., NY "Thank you so much for throwing such a great event. The crowd was really great and everyone was super friendly. As a busy professional I don't get that much time to get out and meet people so it was nice to be in such a relaxed environment around people my age. Event well done!" - Danielle, NYC Get details, see past event pics and tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/40-over-chemistry-singles-mixer-tickets-54540335612 https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/a/1/1/highres_477651729.jpeg

Around The World Party - International Mixer (Comp Apps, Drink Specials)

*PAY ONLINE (Prepay Only Event) - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/international-meet--mingle/dates/ Join members from all over the U.S. and around the world right here in NYC - expats, foreign professionals, and Americans of all ethnicities will be at this party! Mix, mingle and network with the vast melting pot of members from both the U.S.A. and around the world! The World bar has a classy and casual atmosphere with lots of room to socialize. We'll have comp appetizers, drink specials, and fun games with prizes too! What to expect: • Members from around the world to network, connect, mix and mingle with • Drink Specials until 9pm • Complimentary Hot & Cold Appetizers until 7:30pm • Fun Icebreaker Games & Prizes • Music played at conversational levels all night Can I come alone? Yes, 95% of those attending will likely come on their own. We will have our staff on hand ready to welcome you and introduce you to others. Can I bring non-members? Yes! Is this age-specific? No. We'll have a wide range of ages attending. All are welcome 21+. Dress code? Keep it clean & neat. No sneakers/t-shirts. Jeans ok. *Do I have to prepay to attend? Yes, tickets are not sold at the door. *PURCHASE AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/international-meet--mingle/dates/ *Prepay Only Event. Tix $15, goes to $25 as event gets closer.

NYC Zombie Hunt - Part Escape Room Part Scavenger Hunt Part Trivia Night

Playwright Bar & Lounge (Upstairs)

Sign-up at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-zombie-hunt-part-escape-room-part-scavenger-hunt-part-trivia-night-tickets-54415312665 OKAY, SO WHAT ACTUALLY GOES ON AT THIS EVENT? Get ready for a really fun night out of solving puzzles, searching for clues, answering trivia questions and more! Have some drinks and get a chance to meet a lot of other fun, friendly people at this one of kind event that combines the best aspects of trivia nights, escape rooms and scavenger hunts into one awesome event! Upon arrival, our friendly event host will welcome you and give you the details of the event. You'll be put on a team and you'll help your team answer trivia questions, find clues, solve riddles and more. Solving these clues/questions/riddles will help you find zombies. *** Check out this video to learn more about the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-JtR0lCiqc {{ MUST PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE ONLINE. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PAY AT THE VENUE DOOR. THE PRICE WILL BE GOING UP AS THE EVENT STARTS TO FILL UP SO WE SUGGEST GRABBING YOUR SPOT NOW }} *This is a multi Meetup group event. 15 other Meetup groups have also been invited. The RSVP list on this page represents only a small portion of actual attendees. We expect around 25 people to attend.* What to expect: * We Usually Have Between 15 and 40 People Attending (All Ages Welcome... mostly 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s) * Great Drink Specials Available At The Bar * There Will A Little Bit Of Time To Mingle And Get To Know Everyone Before The Event And Plenty Of Time To Mingle After The Event. Most Of Time, New Friendships Are Sparked And Everyone Hangs Out And Has More Drinks After * Typically 65% of Attendees Come Alone (Some Come With Friends or Co-Workers). We make introductions and everyone attending is usually super friendly. * Dress Code: There Is No Specific Dress Code... Whatever You Wear To Work Is Probably Fine * A Good Blend of Top 40 and Fun Bar/Party Songs Will Be Playing At The Right Volume For Enjoying The Event * You can participate as much or as little as you'd like. You can relax, have drinks, mingle and get involved only in the parts of the event that you want to. If trivia is your strength, you can help with the trivia more... If you love scavenger hunts, you can help your team more with that aspect of the event. FAQ: Can I come alone? Of course! In fact, about 65% of the crowd comes by themself. The event host is super friendly and will make introductions. Are there actual zombies or people dressed as zombies at the event? There are no people dressed as zombies and nothing will be popping out to scare you. If I come with friends, can we be on the same team? Absolutely. If you come with friends or coworkers we'll make sure you're on the same team. Our teams usually have between 6 and 12 people per team so if you you come with less than 5 friends we will put you on the same team but we'll also put other people on your team. If you come with 5 or more friends and would like it to be ONLY your bunch on one team, just tell the event host and she'll try to give you your very own team (it usually depends on how many people end up signing up for the event in total). Can couples attend this event? Yes, we have plenty of couples attend this event although about 80% of the crowd is single. Is there food available? Yes, the venue has lots of delicious appetizers, finger food and main courses that can be ordered. Sign-up at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-zombie-hunt-part-escape-room-part-scavenger-hunt-part-trivia-night-tickets-54415312665 https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/a/7/3/1/highres_477702801.jpeg

Quiet Clubbing Penthouse Party

230 Fifth Penthouse

*Get Tickets At - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/quiet-clubbing-penthouse-party/dates/ This January our silent disco comes to the luxurious 230 Fifth Penthouse. We’ll we rocking out on the 20th floor penthouse with our 3 live DJs playing a bit of everything for everyone. Plus, you will also have access to the world-famous igloos on the rooftop! Your 3 Live DJs are spinning all night: DJ 1 (Green): Top 40 Dance Hits DJ 2 (Red): 80’s, 90’s & 2K Throwbacks DJ 3 (Blue): Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca Your experience includes: • A pair of Quiet Events headphones • Glow in the Dark gear • 3 DJs battling for your attention • Igloo Rooftop access These parties have been written up in the NY Post, Daily News & featured on TV. If you've been to this event before, then you already know how much fun it is. If not, come see what you've been missing! Special Notes: • Welcome to all ages 21+ • Dress code: No athletic wear (sneakers, baseball caps, yoga pants, etc.); no baggy or destroyed jeans What to bring: • Valid ID • You MUST have a credit or debit card for the check-in process. If the headphones are NOT returned, there will be a $100 charge to your credit or debit card after the event. • No need to print your ticket, just show the ticket/receipt on your phone or they will have your name at the door. How it works: When you arrive you’ll receive a pair of special wireless headphones. You can adjust the volume and choose between up to three DJ’s with a flip of a switch. Each headset has a color LED that shows what channel you are listening to. It’s super social; you’re in control of the music! There’s no loud music that you have to talk over. Plus, there’s no ringing in your ears when you leave! Never been to a Quiet Clubbing Event? Watch our YouTube video to see what everyone is talking about - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmFLSpLOXvo&feature=youtu.be *Get tickets at - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/quiet-clubbing-penthouse-party/dates/ *Limited # are just $15 with discount code "5" at checkout. Price will go up to $30 as event gets closer.

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