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This is the official Meetup of New York City Skeptics (http://nycskeptics.org/), an all-volunteer nonprofit that promotes science and critical thinking.

For more information about us and our other activities visit www.nycskeptics.org (http://nycskeptics.org/).

You may also be interested in our official podcast, Rationally Speaking (http://www.rationallyspeakingpodcast.org/).

We also organize the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism (http://www.necss.org) (NECSS).

Had enough of astrologers, psychics, homeopaths, and spirit channelers? Yearning to talk with someone rational for awhile? Join us for our mothly discussion on critical thinking, science, and skeptical inquiry. Make sure you RSVP promptly, seating will be limited!

To keep the meetups friendly though, we will continue to, at least try, to stay away from controversial topics. The forbidden topics are religion, politics and global warming.

Upcoming events (2)

Darwin Day Lecture: Rise and Fall of Scientific Authority

Join Robert P. Crease, our Darwin Day lecturer and the Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Stony Brook University, to learn about his upcoming book the Workshop and the World and why the very features that make science work also provide a veneer of legitimacy to science denial -- and how to combat that. This event is free and open to the public. Advanced praise for the Workshop and the World: “A timely, sophisticated analysis of the plague of science denial, and possible correctives, via an examination of the ideas of ten profound thinkers.” — Kirkus, starred review “Science is under assault. Crease’s vital new book explains how science acquired its authority, how that authority has benefited us all—and how the seeds of attack came from within science itself. Pulling off such an ambitious enterprise requires the training of a philosopher, the precision of a scientist, and the storytelling chops of a great biographer. Crease has them all.” — Charles C. Mann, author of 1491 and The Wizard and the Prophet “A masterpiece that explains sophisticated concepts without shortchanging them, and demonstrates 'why the dwindling authority of science' threatens human life. ” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

Discussion Dinner - Post-truth


No, this will not be and evening dedicated to talking about fake news. Well, perhaps some of it will. The topic we will be the post truth world in which we are living. Lee McIntyre in his book “Post-Truth“ (https://www.amazon.com/dp/0262535041) describes this as a world where “alternative facts“ replace actual facts and feelings have more weight than evidence. And that this is a phenomenon that did not start in 2016 and is not limited to a particular political party or persuasion. We will be discussing how we got here and what we can do about it. We encourage you to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvgizJUuRkA as background. As always we will do our best to keep politics out of the discussion. Instead, we will be discussing things like its history, its different manifestations, the psychology behind it, and what we can do about it. NOTE: We ask that, as a courtesy, members who RSVP and decide later not to attend please change their RSVPs to no at least 48 hours before the event.

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