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NOTE: NARD-CO 2016 is on Sunday June 5, 2016 in Bancroft Park, Colorado Springs, CO

We're a group of volunteers organized to bring the 1st National Animal Rights Day to Colorado in 2015. Generating 'buzz'. Connecting with others to help organize, plan, co-ordinate and bring this event to Colorado. Inspired by 'Our Plant, Theirs Too', the group shares a new vision for planet Earth and all the species of beings who live on it: a vision in which human and non-human animals share this planet in peace and harmony. We believe that this Earth belongs to ALL who live on it, and they should be able to share its wonderful resources equally. The human race, instead of dominating and harming all the other species, and the planet itself, should take responsibility and protect them. Since it's our planet, and theirs too!

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