What we're about

* What this Meetup Group is about:

This Meetup Group is about creating a Meetup where people who are interested in trying to understand the near future of marketing and retail e-commerce can meet face to face to share ideas, opinions, demo's and discussion, in order to help each other reach conclusions on these topics that are useful for their professional lives.

* Who should join:

Our ideal members are people who work in roles related to Marketing or Retail or E-commerce and are interested in how those areas are going to change in the next 12-24 months driven by new consumer trends, new data insights, new technology and how those are responded to by businesses and organisations.

* Why should you join this Meetup Group:

The Meetup Group is mostly for learning new and useful information around the near future of marketing and /orretail e-commerce. We will facilitate that learning through face to face meetings where professionals can share their ideas, experiences, opinions and demo's if they choose. We'll try to make it fun along the way.

* What members can expect:

Typical activities with our Meetups will be: after a little relaxed networking, we'll usually start with an informal and fun presentation from an expert on these topics, from many different areas. This will be followed by a facilitated Q&A sessions. Presenters will be encouraged to bring and show fun demo's where possibly, ideally ones that attendees can "try out", if they wish. We'll wrap up with more informal networking. Drinks and snacks will be provided for the earliest attendees at each event.

* Our Community:

Our Meetups will facilitate relationships between members because they will be able to meet like minded professionals in a relaxed and attractive venue to exchange ideas and opinions. The event will be facilitated to ensure the most effective use of everyone's time. Before, during and after the event, members will be able to get to know other members through the Meetup event page, as well as other social networks, when connections are made.

Upcoming events (1)

Tamebay Live 2022 | 25-27 January

Online event

Tamebay Live is back for 2022!

Join thousands of brands, retailers and merchants in a free, 3 day online event where experts will be discussing key topics including live streaming, visual merchandising, the effects of Brexit, growing a marketplace business and much more.

Split into two streams, the first designed for merchants and a second stream designed for big name retailers and brands, the Tamebay Masterclasses & Workshops will bring you the detail and insights used by top sellers, retailers and brands to win on marketplaces. All content will be available on-demand post event, making the event accessible for all.

Top speakers include:
• Patrick Gore, Managing Director, Hampers.com
• Callum Campbell, CEO, Linnworks,
• Chris Dawson, Editor, Tamebay
• Hannah Lia, Operations Director, Hampers.com
• Andre Brown, CEO, Advanced Commerce
• Hakan Thyr, Chief Revenue Officer, Fruugo

View the full agenda here >> https://tamebaylive.com/

Register now for over 25 hours of free learning and training opportunities that will turbo charge your marketplace business >> https://bit.ly/3o5Iwom

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