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Phil Cappadora has been acting since his first year at college. He began with Musical Theater and soon after that were Plays. After classes he would be training with the theater department at SUNY Orange in Chorus, the Drama club and community theater branches. Since 2008 Phil has been in or involved in over 100 projects; Feature films, Plays, some T.V. and much more. There is no better teacher then experience and no better way to learn then to teach. Need Help preparing for and interview or Audition? Email Phil ASAP to reserve you session. [masked] SUBJECT LINE: (NEW STUDENT) Tell something about yourself. Include and resume, reel of head shotyou may have and days that are best for you! Students have included JJ CONDON : ( Best known for his work as ENOCH in the hit show OUTSIDERS

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Improving Neighborhood Livelihood


We are your Neighbors. Among us are your family, friends, associates and colleagues. Together this community can provide a fellowship of inspiration and training. Inspiration to pursue the goals that your likeminded Neighbors can assist you obtain. As well as the training to do it. It's our belief if you are in the right Neighborhood or home you will do all that you are meant to do in the great City of New York. You will live out your destiny. With the guidance from your fellow Neighbors we will provide better quality of life for all of New York City.

Phil Cappadora Jr.

“It’s a networking group I started for actors and artists alike. With this, we can host events and inform any members on what other members are doing. Like an open mic for charity. A walk to raise AWARENESS for a cause. Workshops to Prevent or Stop wrongful doings and lastly to Party among friends.

* Our Mission is to improve each Neighborhoods Livelihood one block at a time. Through Theatre, Fundraisers, Mixers and Film we will focus our energies on the youth of our community and building strong families.

* What should you expect: Sanitary streets & sidewalks. Our Neighborhoods reflect traditions, culture, hospitality and values.

* Who should join: Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents and all Neighbors!

* Why they should join: To cultivate New York City.


Phil Cappadora Jr.

All sponsorship will be made available after the Screenings and Approval by founder Phil Cappadora. All sponsors and endorsements will be used to promote a company and its products. Services from THE NEIGHBORS will include online promotion and sanitation improvement for better customer service satisfaction!
Subject Line “NEIGHBOR (your name)”

~I know everywhere you go in the city the Neighborhood reflects the culture and traditions of that area. Right now my Neighborhood is unsanitary. And I want that to change. So I'm going to clean it up. And with the neighbors chipping in, we can spread this mode of hospitality through out the whole city.

* Our Meetup Group is about the common good. Through Theatre, Fundraisers, Mixers and Film we will focus our energies on the youth of our community using after school programs and Summer Classes including; Acting, Movement, Voice & Speech, Puppetry and more. This group is also for the adults. From this Network you may find men and women who can develop a REEL or V/O disc to better market yourself, plus the word of mouth of all the Neighbors to Support you.

* Who should join: Anyone who has an idea but doesn't know how to develop it into reality. It can be a script idea. Also it can be a show. If you know of a charity that's lacking volunteers, the Neighbors will assist you spread the word.

* Why they should join: To learn, share, and have fun.

* What members can expect: Expect us to be there when you need help. One of the primary functions of this organizations is to represent artists who have been working among union actors and are getting short changed. Say for example; its pouring rain on a set in Brooklyn and you ask to go inside to holding. When the P.A. says no then you need to hang out and wait, as it rains. BUT a Union Actor standing next to you gets "WET" pay. Others do not. And I don't think that's fair. Same goes for Meal Penalties. They are not applied to the NON Union workers and that also is not far. Also as a sole proprietor on set NON Union have no say in there rates/wages for work. That also is Unfair.

Our Short Term goal as of now is not to UNIONIZE but to Stand United. Fair wages for fair work.

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