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People committed to promoting safety and acceptance for all members of our communities. Please watch our overview video here:


We will be exploring ways to be proactive and involved in our communities, local, state and federal politics and laws/bills/legislation. This is a safe place to voice concerns, ask for help, feel safe and practice tolerance and acceptance. It is also a grass roots group that may explore ways to take actions and have our voices heard by politicians and other activist groups. We are following the Indivisible : A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

The Never Again Project: Mission and Purpose Statement

“Out of the darkness, we rise”

· Mission Statement: The Never Again Project is a community-based organization dedicated to promoting the equitable principles of democracy through grassroots political action and service to others. Our organization empowers individual and collective action to oppose the political and social forces that seek to undermine the equal rights of all of peoples.

· Statement of Purpose:

o We will never again stand by silently as we witness assaults on the rights and liberties of the people of America. Instead, we will raise our collective voices in support of policies that ensure equality for all.

o We will never again allow ourselves to be divided by internal conflict. Instead, we will be united in our efforts to support the passage of laws and policies consistent with our essential core beliefs in the shared interests of all.

o We will never again allow our economic and environmental policies to be tied to the narrow interests of a select few. Instead, we will support principles dedicated to building an economy that works for all.

o We will never again allow the civil rights and liberties of vulnerable populations to be infringed upon. Instead, we will fight for legal and social protections for marginalized peoples to establish a society that is inclusive for all.

o We will never again allow the forces of authoritarianism to overtake our political systems. Instead, we will fight for a more democratic form of government that is representative of the interests of all.

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Tampons at the Taproom

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Tampons at the Taproom

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New Directions!

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Our actions, our future (7:30 is our new meeting time)

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