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Winter Solstice - Opening the Gateway 12 with the great Pyramid!
As we are receiving the last series of downloads with the Winter Solstice, we are gearing up to go through the Gateway 12 (2019). This planetary alignment prepares us for the next level of our conscious evolution. You will be given an opportunity to be initiated inside an 8-feet tall, and 10-feet wide Copper Pyramid. The Copper Pyramid represents 1.36 the size of the great Giza pyramid of Egypt. It is designed to amplify waves of solar and cosmic energies that wash away residuals and negative energy. The downloads you will receive will upgrade and changes your meridians, aura, and electromagnetic fields. It is a new paradigm forming as we change dimension and welcome the New Earth. We will be using symbols and Angelic signs to create a bridge with the Second Reality of Non-Physicality – the Divine Beings of True Radiant Light. Receive a message from the Council of Light. After the downloads and initiation, we will have grounding Tensor rings to help you anchor your experience and integrate what you have received. Join us for this Empowering event! Cost is $25

AZ Healing Center

9336 E Raintree Drive, Suite 130 · Scottsdale, AZ

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    Welcome to the Home of Light Minded People!

    The New Age Enlightenment Group of Arizona is an expansive group for growth, learning, exploring higher consciousness & higher spheres of existence, healing modalities, bringing in more light, vibrating on the Unconditional Love Frequency, and much more! We offer powerful monthly meditation, metaphysical classes, and empowering workshops. This is a group of high vibrational frequencies where lightworkers, healers, seekers of truths, and anyone on his\her path have a golden opportunity to meet and share.

    Many are aware of the term "Ascension", and many wish to attain a conscious level of Enlightenment. Joins us for high spiritual events that will increase your vibratory frequencies in preparation for your Ascension in the Light! With Mother Earth changing and transforming onto higher spheres of existence, we have received a "calling" to open our physical, mental, and emotional doors to the wondrous and yet uplifting Journey of Life! Are you sensitive to energy and vibration? Can you pick up on people's emotions? Do you have gifts that you want to share with others? This group is designed to bring our New Age Community together and establish a bridge between the Everyday-Life & Higher Realm of Awareness. We will explore protocols of communication with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Masters, Psychic Development, the 7 Planes of Existence, Powerful Meditations, Spirit Guides, Divine Co-Creative powers and abilities, Healing Modalities, and much more! This group will help to learn and acquire powerful spiritual tools, divine wisdom, and metaphysics knowledge.

    You are invited to join our Sacred Group of Spiritual Enlightenment and be a part of an every-growing family of lightworkers, which includes classes on a vast array of metaphysical subjects:

    *Raise your Vibration & Frequency
    *Experience Powerful Meditation in the Higher Realms & Etheric Retreats
    *Explore all 7 Planes of Existence
    *Cleanse & Reprogram your Divine Codes to Prepare for Ascension
    * Discover your Divine Mission & Life Purpose
    *Reclaim your Divine Co-Creative Abilities to manifest Abundance in your Life
    *Lean to Heal your Body, Mind, and Soul
    *Ascend to Higher Awareness
    *Unlock the Subconscious Mind
    *Assertiveness for Earth Angels
    *Divinatory Systems: Original Tarot, Numerology, Pendulum, Intuitive & Future Readings
    *Open your Channels: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance
    *And Many More!

    Ascension is at hand! We need to let go of the linear thinking of the 3rd Dimensional realm, and learn to reinvent ourselves in these time of great changes. The old paradigm is no longer aligned with the Highest Good of All! Everything is an invitation to awaken. Take your first step now and join us Today!

    Quote: "If you wish to reinvent yourself, focus on what you want, not on what you fear."

    About your Organizer, Viviane Chauvet:

    *ThetaHealing® Practitioner

    Arcturian Holographic Reconnective Light-Energy Master Healer

    Blue Star Celestial Energy Healing Modality

    Certified Tuning Forks® Therapy Practitioner,

    Access Bars®, Reiki Master

    HeartMath® Coach/Mentor

    Biological Arcturian/Human Hybrid

    Spiritual Teacher & Psychic

    Channel for the Arcturian Collective Consciousness

    As a biological Arcturian Hybrid, which is a genetic blending of an Arcturian Star Being Father and a Human Mother, Viviane is also a carrier of the 5th through the 9th Dimensional frequency of the Arcturians. Internationally interviewed, Viviane's inspirational life story has touched the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. She is an accelerator and a physical generator of pure Light & Energy. Viviane is a channel for Higher Frequency and Galactic Wisdom. She was sent to Earth by the Council of Elders from Arcturus as an Ambassador for her star people. She is considered as one the High Oracles of Arcturus and is one the original teacher sent to Atlantis. A part of her earthling mission is to:

    · Anchor the Higher Frequency of pure Light & Love of the 5th Dimensional Realm into the Energy Field, The Grid System of the Earth;
    · Implement a Collective Consciousness
    · Activate people to their Fullest Potential and Highest Light;
    · Awaken Soul Star Seeds;
    · Plant Seeds of Activation in preparation for Ascension;
    · To be a Facilitator who offers a vibrational experience that brings people into an altered state of Consciousness & Light body Consciousness;
    · Establish a bridge of communication between Humanity, Star Beings, and the Angelic Host through my Energy Field\Aura;
    · Attune people to the frequencies of the Arcturians and Star Masters;
    · Open up a channel of multidimensional communication;
    Connect people to their multidimensional aspect of their Divine Selves.

    To Schedule a private Healing Session & Psychic Reading: 480-358-7994 or by email at

    See my Healing Services advertised in magazine "Natural Awakenings" - 2016 Practitioner Directory Page 33:

    Go to to watch various informative videos on Human DNA, Interviews & more. Web Radio Interview: (

    Viviane is also a metaphysical teacher at Storm Wisdom. For more information on classes and workshops, please go to: ( 5th

    Healing Group: (

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