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Small Ones Dance!
This class is for children between 3 and 6 years old, and is for a half hour only- by registration only. Please call or text 530-210-6592 to register. This is just for fun, to get some dance experience, technique, and creative expression. Any or all of the following could be included: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Irish, Latin, Yoga, Acro-Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation, Performance/Emotional Expression and Acting/Theater. This is a $9 drop-in class or is $50 for 8 classes. Hilary has been dancing for 34 years with a wide and varied background including spirituality and healing, and has been choreographing and producing shows for 30 years and teaching dance for 20. She is a director of the Nevada County Dance Collective with Sarah Molaro who owns Yoga Well.

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This meetup is for the purpose of providing a forum for learning, transformation and fun spiritual experience for health and self-development. Hilary Jordan has a Masters in Vedic Science (an art/science of Consciousness), 2 Degrees in Ayurveda, extensive study in Holistic Health, meditationPsychology, Dance, and Theater and is a certified Bodyworker. She has certificates in Janet Swartz's "The Empowerment Process", Deeksha Oneness Blessing (an energy transfer), "Creative Dance Psychology", "Zumba". She has been a Dance teacher since 1994, and a dancer since she was 3. She did Transcendental Meditation for 15 years and practiced advanced meditation techniques in large assemblies like The Invincible America Course. She has studied Druidry, Energy Work, Progressive Relaxation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Human Design, Vedic Astrology, The Enneagram, Psychophysiology, Autogenic Training, Self-Hypnosis, Western and Chinese Herbal Medicines. She learned from a Mentor to "process" emotions in order to dissolve blocks, and to utilize her natural Intuition. She attended discussions about awakenings and extraordinary spiritual experiences for 3 years in Fairfield as well. She has been mentored in Rory Goff's "Wavicle Work", practiced Colin Tipping's "Radical Forgiveness", was part of a "Byron Katie's "The Work" group, and did "EFT Tapping" with a group. She has her own business, Elements of Health, which is located at Yoga Well Studio, by appointment, 144 Hughes Road, Grass Valley 95949. She has practiced Massage and Energy Work for 12 years, and extensively used Human Design, Vedic Astrology, and The Enneagram to help people understand themselves better and go toward healing transformation. She has used "Belief Processing" for people's successful transformation for years, especially with The Empowerment Process, to help people overcome energetic blocks and problems, and teaches a spiritual technique dubbed "Emotional Processing". She has taught Julia Cameron's 12 week "The Artist's Way" three times now and gone through the process now five times. She has developed her own Health Model, Energy Work, Emotional Processing Technique, Emotional Processing Through Dance Class (Dance Meditation!), and Manifestation Process.​ She is currently studying real Tantra of male and female energy and 7th stage spiritual life With her guru Satya AMA Adyota. She is helping to write a book about this knowledge with Spencer Campbell. She loves to teach classes, and did so as part of a Meetup in Roseville, before creating this meetup: the classes are still on Youtube at the link below. As part of this meetup we have enjoyed many Druid rituals, some informative classes about charts and etc, and 2 Artist's Way Classes. She enjoys holding space for healing and fun, teaching workshops, leading rituals, making art, helping people find their divine job, authentic expression, and next step in transformation. She has a bit of background in Improvisation Theater which she also integrated as a spiritual technique. If you are interested in this Meetup don't hesitate to make contact! Most of these classes will have a fee due to time, energy and money, and this Meetup is a part of Hilary's career/job. The rituals are more of a free participation thing, whereas Artist's Way and other classes are, well, classes! I think you will find her trustworthy, intuitive, etc and hopefully you can get something you need right here! "The New Earth" that many believe/feel is coming, can be here now if we create it that way, and are truly on the train to real sustainable health and growth for ourselves, not afraid to ask ourselves the tough questions. This Meetup Is a safe haven for Authenticity, Truth, Heart-orientation, vulnerable self Expression, Trust, faith, honesty, Sincerity, Boundaries, Compassion, Unity. This group is Open to Anyone, as long as boundaries set forth for each event are complied with. Hilary is an open but structured leader who sincerely is waiting to be invited to help or facilitate and wants to have a good time with you also! Checkout her website and see what in Hilary's background you are interested in absorbing/discussing/ learning from her. You can see parts of Hilary's past classes at and check out Hilary's website at And topics of conversation at . Email if you have ideas, information, questions. Or just text 530 210 6592. Can't wait to meet you, share with you, experience You!

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