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Tai chi for beginners
Learning basic steps , posture , and the name of the movement . We will also explain how it can be applied as the martial art aspect . $20 Fee of this meet up are for all new first time students who want to try out this class.

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What we're about

Meet others interested in Tai Chi practice. We practice the original Chen Tai Ji Quan as taught by our teacher Master Yu Guo Shun. Master Yu is originally from China and is a disciple of Ma Hong since 1989. He teaches forms, push hands and real martial applications and sword and dao forms! Master Yu also teaches the old and new forms. Get ready for a great and challenging workout! Our forms features low stances, lots of whole body coiling, jump kicks and fast strikes, with fists, elbows and shoulders. Our classes are held in downtown Manhattan.

So if you are one of the many few who are interested in learning the real art of Tai Chi , the Kung Fu behind it and/or someone who is already practicing and needs help in developing its true potential skills don't be afraid to come and get answers to the questions you have .

When you come to your first meet up, there is a $20 charge for you to try the workout. Come and see the difference! This fee is only charged as a way of filter out people whom are not actually intending to enhance their Kung Fu skills and just looking for something to do on a weekend .

The meetup group is to introduce you all to Master Yu Guo Shun, and hopefully encourage you to take a class and join up with a great group of students dedicated to Master Yu's teaching.

This is a no pressure environment with truly nice people to come and practice and share with!

Please contact us if you would like to participate!!

Master Yu Guo Shun 917-535-3916

Michael 347-382-1535

Yusi Gao 347-525-7947

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