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The Time Has Come for Augmented FPGAs - Hybrid Architectures and User Level Netw

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Solarflare’s ApplicationOnloadTM Engine (AOE) integrates an advanced FPGA with its ultra-low latency 10GbE network server adapter to process compute-intensive network applications in hardware accelerating application processing without increasing CPU, memory, or I/O loads, while also providing a direct, low-latency data path to the network. Financial organizations can choose from a wide range of deployment options: purchasing existing applications from Solarflare or AOE Network Partners, contracting independent design services firms to develop customized applications, or developing custom applications internally. Solarflare’s Firmware Development Kit (FDK) enables customers and partners to accelerate application development on the AOE open platform, and provides a comprehensive development environment comprisingFPGA board services, APIs, and a full data path infrastructure, with a seamless integration to standard development tools.

Steve Pope, PhD, Solarflare Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, will present how easily Solarflare’s AOE installs as a typical server adapter utilizing standard network drivers in a single slot within an existing network infrastructure, and how AOE simplifies partner and customer development needing only port their application.


Steve Pope is the CTO of Solarflare. Previously he co-founded Level 5 Networks and prior to that was a post-doctorate researcher in the field of high-speed networks and operating systems at Olivetti Research Labs, which later became AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.