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New York is a great Irish pub town. There are nearly 100 Irish pubs in Manhattan alone and dozens more in the Irish neighborhoods of the boroughs. This group will look to explore and enjoy all of these pubs. There will be nights at the pub, there will be visits to multiple pubs in the same night, there will be pub crawls, live music, pub trivia, the possibilities are endless. If you appreciate the warm, friendly atmosphere of a good pub, not to mention the craic and conviviality an evening--or an afternoon--at the pub can offer, then this group is for you. If you think the best time to visit an Irish pub is any day but St. Patrick's Day, if you're looking not to avoid the "bar scene" but to redefine it, then this group is for you. If a well-poured pint of Guinness puts you in a good mood, then welcome, you're home.

Target age group is 25-55, but all ages are welcome.

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