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Roof deck, balcony and city container gardeners are a dedicated breed, and hardy-- it can be difficult to grow things. Bugs, squirrels, leaks, pigeons, ice, heat, wind, broken umbrellas. Not to mention lugging bags of expensive dirt up long staircases and tethering your plants with wire so they won't get blown off the edge. Members will meet up to visit other peoples' decks, gardens, etc. and enjoy enthusiasms and views. We'll trade ideas about flowers, trees, structural aspects, and share in the pleasures of helping green things to survive in a tough environment. What makes it all worthwhile? The sky above, the rustle of leaves in the breeze on a hot summer night. You don't have to have a deck to belong, just an active interest in growing plants in the city. If you have a ledge or a windowsill with a flowerpot on it, feel free to join.

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Gordon's One-of-a-Kind Rooftop Experience

Gordon Hawkins' Rooftop


Dear Roof Enthusiasts, Did you miss the opportunity to see Gordon's amazing rooftop? Or maybe you just want to see it again in the fall? You're in luck. Gordon is opening his home and rooftop again on October 12, so let's get together and see what's happening! Bring a friend, bring something to eat/drink/share as usual, and saunter over to Carroll Gardens to enjoy this unique rooftop, as well as Gordon's memorable hospitality. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Best, Brooks

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Brooklyn Heights Pine Garden

Arlene Stimmel's house


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