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Vim + Tmux: A terminal-based IDE

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Samuel R.
Vim + Tmux: A terminal-based IDE


Tl;dr Learn how to use Vim with Tmux to create a terminal-based IDE.

Vim is a great editor, but any Emacs user will tell you that it's an insufficient operating system. Luckily, when combined with the right tools, Vim can be part of a powerful development environment when operated within the terminal.

Join the NYC Vim group for our first meetup in over a year! Our very own Sam Roeca will walk you through how Tmux can be used to create the development environment from this event's featured photo. He will show you the steps required to configure a minimal tmux environment that can be used with Vim. By the end of this session, we hope that you have a working Tmux + Vim-based development environment that you can productively use!

What to bring:

  • A computer running a POSIX-like system (Linux-based, MacOS, etc)
  • [Optional] a keyboard you like typing on

What to download/install:

  • Git
  • GNU Make
  • Docker

What to run before showing up:

git clone
cd vim-tmux-tutorial
make build


  • Introduction: 15 minutes
  • Workshop: 30 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Socializing: 30 minutes

Finally, since this is our first meetup in over a year, if you're interested in being part of the organizing committee and/or giving a talk, please either attend this Meetup or reach out to Sam Roeca over the web. Additionally, we have not yet decided on an event cadence, but are thinking of planning an event on the third Tuesday of each month (other than this one). We plan to take feedback from this event into consideration before making a final decision about event cadence.

Special thanks to our friends at Def Method for hosting! They have graciously offered to provide some non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks.

336 W 37th St #335 · New York, NY
33 spots left