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If you are a nice person, and you like to eat out, go to food and wine events, and appreciate an entertaining conversation please give us a try!

We are respectful of our fellow members, and the people who serve us.

We are adventurous, traditional, somewhat crazy, with a good sense of humour.

We are on time and keep our commitments. We welcome all.

If you are an ordinary Joe or Jill, and you simply want good food and good conversations and a bit of adventure, please join us!!

Upcoming events (4+)

Dinner at Kalsada — Modern Filipino

Needs a location

Let's go to Kalsada (the former Augustine's) for dinner of modern Filipino food that draws influences from Asia, Spain, and the indigenous island cuisine.

The menu will stay true to those flavours, even if the dishes are less traditional.


Seeing that they only recently opened, it is imperative that you keep your RSVP updated, so those who will be on the waiting list a chance to attend.

Absolutely no shows will be allowed!!

Lunch at Dan's Bar & Grill (Meet at Mall of America & Carpool)

Needs a location

I was thinking that let's make the most of the summer!!

Let's take a road trip and try out Dan's Bar and Grill!!

Seeing that Dan's Bar & Grill is 33.5 miles from the meetup point at the Mall of America...

Meet at the Mall of America (West Ramp 3rd level)

Carpool to Dan's Bar and Grill for our 3pm reservation


CLASSIC FOOD with a TWIST is the fare at Dan's Bar & Grill! You'll find your old country favourites with a little taste of the city! A BLT with house-made garlic aoili instead of boring old mayo, or you might find us substituting a red wine tomato jam for tomatoes. The bottom line is that you'll always find good food, well prepared and something for everyone! Our menu changes quarterly, so make sure you stop back often!

It is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT that you keep up with your RSVP as it will allow both the restaurant and I know the exact numbers of whom will be coming with us.

If ever the NO SHOW policy it is this event!!

Dinner at Gus Gus

Needs a location

As Gus Gus was only opened in March by chef's Kevin Manley and Anna Morgan

In that short period of time, they have transformed the former Stewart’s space on Cleveland Avenue into Gus Gus, an intimate, subterranean restaurant and bar with a menu that’s by turns quirky, elegant, and exceptionally fun.

As they have a very lively and interesting menu which everybody is bound to find something they would like to order.

Such as their venison cheddarwurst with apple slaw and mustard. Or their sea bass with white bean ragu, and to finish the meal off with with their squash pudding, garnished with garam masala and graham cracker.


As this restaurant has only recently opened, it was VERY hard to get a reservation!

So, it's imperative that you keep your RSVP updated, especially with those who will be on the waiting list.

Absolutely no shows will be allowed!!

Large Group Happy Hour-O'Shaughnessy Distilling

Needs a location

Come and go as you want. Great patio and good food as well as award winning whiskey. Trivia at 7PM, if interested.



At the O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company, our vision is to bring together the best of Irish and American whiskey making traditions. Helmed by world-renowned Master Distiller Brian Nation, former Master Distiller at Jameson, Redbreast and Midleton Very Rare whiskey’s.

At our distillery, the magic of whiskey making begins with our three triple copper pots where we make American Whiskey in the traditional Irish triple distillation style.

Our flagship offering, Keeper’s Heart Irish + American Whiskey is the first whiskey to blend the very best of Irish and American distilling traditions to deliver a truly unique and remarkable taste experience.

Welcome from all of us at the O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

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Help me turn 70! Birthday Celebration

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