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Stonebraker Live 2013 – Navigating the Database Universe, New York City

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Join us at WeWork Lounge in New York City on Thursday, May 2nd and become one with VoltDB, Big Data Cloud and the Zen of data velocity.

VoltDB’s Dr. Michael Stonebraker of MIT, UC Berkeley, and Ingres and Postgres fame, will be there to present the founding principles of solving modern data-velocity problems: “Data is growing faster than hard drives,” “Move the computation to the data, never move the data to the computation,” “Bet on main memory because there's no other way to go fast,” and “Run transactions to completion, and you eliminate locking and multithreading,” are central to his beliefs.

Not-so-coincidentally, they’re also central concepts of VoltDB.

Adding to the lessons learned throughout Dr. Stonebraker’s 40-year career in database research will be VoltDB’s own VP of Market Strategy, Mark Hydar and Co-founder, Scott Jarr. These guys know the market, and they’ll share insights on some of the hottest opportunities out there today, where solving data velocity problems is big business. They’ll also get you up and running on VoltDB - because it’s good to have a practical way to apply all this know-how, after all.

Space is limited. Register today, and we’ll see you there!