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Are you up for deep and meaningful discussions about the things in life that really matter? Do you want to meet a mix of people - some of whom share your views and others who will challenge (nicely, of course!) your perspectives? Then this is the right group for you. At each meet up, we'll discuss a preselected topic that touches on the deeper elements in life - adversity, personal growth, life, death, the limits of humour, intuition, how we interact with others... and much more. Sounds great, right? Even better - the meet ups will happen on the North Shore of Auckland, so you don't have to travel too far from home to join in. Brilliant!

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Ground rules and information

Please have mobiles on silent or vibrate.
If things get a bit heated, that's OK - but we respect each other and listen to each other.
The purpose of the meetups is to have an interesting discussion. It is not about someone "winning" and / or demolishing other people's comments.
Please be on time. If you're running late, you can text me on 021 0275 4738.
Some of the topics might trigger things for people. Please be mindful of this.
This group is open i.e. it is not focused on one particular belief system, perspective, view, etc.
This group is not a forum for people to push personal agendas, such as trying to recruit members into a religious group, trying to market products, etc.
If you say yes to attending, please turn up. One "did not arrive" is OK. If it happens more than once, you will be removed from this group.
Each meeting is complete in itself i.e. this is not a series. So, if you can't come to one but want to come to the next one, that's absolutely fine.
If you would like to suggest a topic for a future meet up, please do so. Suggestions are very welcome.

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