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Positive Thinking & Results: Live a Happier & Connected Life

The aim of this group is to help you feel empowered, refreshed and confident to tackle your most important tasks within the expected time-frame and to the best of your abilities. This group is for creative individuals, professionals, corporate members and entrepreneurs who want to find the right way of getting calm, self-esteem & control back into their lives.

The inspired learning gained on our meet-ups helps directly impact your personal wellbeing and happiness. It also has the added impact on the corporate bottom-line by improving employee health and productivity. This is done using the finest selection of self-help techniques that I have mastered in the last 15+ years, in addition to my wider experiences, knowledge and best-practices regarding healthcare, wellness & peak-performance.

My desire is that we grow together in spiritual & spatial maturity. I want to show you how to get better emotional & mental health, greater self-awareness and an increased sense of wellbeing so you too can develop a positive mind-set to enhance focus, energy and self-esteem. You are then more likely to develop those healthier living habits which will enable you to achieve that much-needed balance, fulfilment & lasting success through such guided continuity of discipline, self-respect and care.

I welcome you to be part of my Group so that we take back control over our lives and future. It's time to reconnect to our inner goodness, wellness and self-healing qualities by appreciating the wonders of our vast universe and the deeper powers of mindfulness. Its time to break free from pills, opioids, anti-depressants, nicotine, drugs, alcohol and sugar. Its time to think positively, simplify life, eat healthily, exercise more and rest well.

So join our group and let me help you get on track to a better lifestyle full of benefits to your personal wellbeing. Come and be part of the new change! I look forwards to meeting you at our events soon.

Best regards,
Asad Khan, PhD
Wellness Trainer + Life Coach
Personal Development Expert

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Increase Your Vitality, Creativity and Confidence! Inspirational Seminar Part 1.

Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel


Wellness Fan! Get Ready to Transform! 7-part Transformational Series. Part 1: BALANCING THE CENTRE ============================================================= This is an excellent opportunity to have a totally unique experience that will help you reduce weight, worry and anxiety and loneliness. My multi-sensory programmes are UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES to help create a significant shift in your personal levels of self-esteem and wellbeing through mastering the Art of Contemplation. Held at the Marriott Hotel, we will have a full-day's worth of inspired learning, gentle exercise, recreation, and socialisation. Giving you incredible chance for self-transformation. Come and meet new people in a supportive environment where I will focus on the items that matters most, in summary: "Your Health, your wellbeing, and your quality of life.” I will give you key insights & vital information, along with practical steps and techniques to help you know & grasp: • the key ingredients to a better diet; • how to keep pills-intake to a minimum; • how to reduce pain: mental and physical; • the dietary and social aspects of prevention; • how to build a quality mind-set & psychology; • what is holding you back from being your best; • how to live a balanced, integrated, holistic lifestyle. Spaces are capped to a maximum of 10 people. These are a structured series of programmes running on a monthly basis; if you book ahead with me, a discount is possible. So go ahead and book your place today. I know how much difference these Inspiring Seminars can make to one's life: just one key moment, one key idea, one key inspiration can turn it all around for you in 2019 and beyond: reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce worry, but increase vitality, creativity and confidence! Don't miss this opportunity to build renewed confidence in yourself, to get refreshed and energised to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR MEMBERS ================================ **The price is only £45.00**, which includes: • FULL Seminar training. • Mindfulness meditation. • Drinks, refreshments + LUNCH • Relaxation, - a great stress-beater! • And other proactive mind-body-spirit treatment. Also, there is and access to the onsite leisure activities and facilities, which we will be using. I know this is a unique programme in the North West if not in the whole UK at this price; the Seminar training alone would easily cost you more than £100! And I know that a day-spa treatment would cost more. So you really are getting great value-for-money with all that is included in this exclusive programme. BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY ========================== For just **£45.00** you will give yourself the chance to truly transform. You will get the empowering information and inspiration to make the leap of faith to shed the old habits and make new optimistic, healthier ones. And you will meet like-minded people; people journeying in life looking for this change just as you are. It is remarkable who you can meet, what you can learn, and what you can get back for yourself in terms of feedback, ideas as well as renewed, positive energy. So I hope you are up to it. Book your place and I look forwards to meeting you on the course so I can help you reach higher! PAYMENT ========= Send payments to: https://www.paypal.me/ark2ark Once payment has been made, send me a message to my inbox and I will allocate you as paid and attending. Thanks. Best regards, Asad Khan ️ Heart Therapist, Mindfulness Trainer, Contemplation Coach, Personal Development Expert OTHER ======= Requirements for joining the leisure/health activities: - Change of costume (yoga-type wear) - Swim-wear; is optional but highly recommended (even for just a dip) ~ I use this as a very useful metaphor to break-through negative barriers, to relax the mind and body, and have some light-hearted fun!

7-part Health & Life Transformation Series. Part 2: Work The Edge

WeWork One St Peter's Square

Hey Wellness Member! This is the the second booster session for the 7-part Workshops series. Find the energy and trigger to set yourself on a new course in life, achieve your goals and "Work the Edge" of your ambitions! See you then for a great session with key insights and shared learning in a supportive environment. Best wishes, Asad

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