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If you love to dance, or if you think you would love to learn to dance, you have found the place where you can find venues where you will meet others who share your love.

Dancing is the perfect activity for those of us who have retired because dancers generally form a kind of family at the places that they to to dance. We meet new friends and get plenty of exercise and at the same time have a lot of fun.

If you know someone who is about to retire, or who has recently retired, please invite them to join our group. (Younger people are welcome but most of them simply don't have enough free time to dance very much.) If you can walk at a good clip, you can learn to dance!

While couples do come to these events, most of them dance with everyone and there are always a lot of single dancers who welcome new dancers. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A PARTNER to any of the places I recommend.

This site is also designed for people who move here from out of town or maybe just come here for a visit. Anyone can come here and look at our calendar to see what is happening on any evening of the week. We don't want your money, we only want the pleasure of your company.

I hope to find at least one place to Ballroom dance on every night of the week. (And one place to take a lesson every night.) Perhaps some of you can give me ideas?

I hope to find places that do not charge more than $15 or $20 for the evening, and places where no one is going to put pressure on you to sign up for anything.

This is a little different in that it is mostly for regularly weekly events that anyone can come to without joining or paying dues. If it is listed here, you are welcome to drop by unannounced, there are always people to dance with, or to take lessons with.

This is for people who want to have fun dancing, get & stay fit, enjoy good music, learn new dances, practice social dancing, network with other social dancers, make new friends of people who love to dance, travel to dance destinations. You should join this group if you like to dance or want to learn to dance with other fun-loving people.

As to how you should dress,, (Several of our ladies asked so here is my answer.)

Dress casually. Wear comfortable shoes. I always like to see a pretty woman in a dress that flares around as she dances. Nothing elaborate, maybe just a summer dress that comes down past the knees, and has enough material so the bottom flares around you when you twirl.

Don't wear something that restricts you from from taking a large step. Please stay away from skirts that are tight around the knees. ABOVE ALL, clothes and SHOES SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE! Men seldom actually look at women's shoes, but we always notice if your feet hurt so much that you can't dance with us. Leather soles usually work best, but try to bring a couple of extra pairs of shoes in case the floor is too "Fast", (That would be slippery.), or too slow, (That means it is kind of sticky.)

I wouldn't advise wearing jeans or shorts.

Guys are lucky. All we need do is wear a reasonably conservative shirt that has a collar, a pair of dark slacks, and comfortable Brown or Black shoes. (I wouldn't wear white soc's.)

Social Dancing is about how you, "Feel" the music, not how you look.

Most of the great Dance music is from an earlier time when nearly everyone danced and the Bands played music that had a solid beat that was easy to hear.

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