Ballroom Dancing in Frederick, Maryland,


There isn't much dancing along the Route 270 corridor so I thought I would list the one dance opportunity we have in that area. It is a bit of a trip, but it is a straight shot up 270. The speed limit is 65 miles per hour for a good part of it. (The Studio is about five minutes from the I-270 exit.)

This is not well attended, so try to bring a partner, or arrange to meet friends there. (Hopefully my listing this dance here will encourage people from Hagerstown down to Virginia to support this Studio.)

They have a nice, large, dance floor, so if you are working on your Foxtrot, Waltz, or Quick-Step you will have plenty of room to travel around the floor.

They have dances every Saturday, from 8:00 - 11:00

$17.00 admission.

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